Update: Arraignment Day!

I was asked by the Sheriff’s department to take the pictures down because they have rules!  Media must be credentialed through a lady at the Pantagraph.  Of course the Pantagraph doesn’t consider me real media, so I was never informed of this credentialing process.   A report is being written and sent to the State’s Attorney for possible contempt charges!

Pictures can only be taken with a camera, not a cell phone.

(At least they are reading – might learn something!)

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was back in court today, luckily not playing lawyer this time!  I attended the arraignment of the Felony 5.  Cameras are now allowed inside the courtroom, so I’m sure video will be available somewhere.  I took photos:


Yep – they are gone!

Grazar was given a Public Defender, the others hired attorneys.

Each defendant was given a box of evidence gathered in the case:










The next court appearance is November 3rd – Status hearing.  All of the cases are going to be heard by Judge Scott Drazewski.





14 thoughts on “Update: Arraignment Day!

  1. Drawsewski wasn’t he the judge screwing Foley while hearing her husbands cases? Oh yeah…these 5 are going down for the government officials. Unbelievable.


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