Update: Arraignment Day!

I was asked by the Sheriff’s department to take the pictures down because they have rules!  Media must be credentialed through a lady at the Pantagraph.  Of course the Pantagraph doesn’t consider me real media, so I was never informed of this credentialing process.   A report is being written and sent to the State’s Attorney for possible contempt charges!

Pictures can only be taken with a camera, not a cell phone.

(At least they are reading – might learn something!)

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was back in court today, luckily not playing lawyer this time!  I attended the arraignment of the Felony 5.  Cameras are now allowed inside the courtroom, so I’m sure video will be available somewhere.  I took photos:


Yep – they are gone!

Grazar was given a Public Defender, the others hired attorneys.

Each defendant was given a box of evidence gathered in the case:










The next court appearance is November 3rd – Status hearing.  All of the cases are going to be heard by Judge Scott Drazewski.





14 thoughts on “Update: Arraignment Day!

  1. Drawsewski wasn’t he the judge screwing Foley while hearing her husbands cases? Oh yeah…these 5 are going down for the government officials. Unbelievable.


  2. Oh and Diane watch your back because I’m willing to bet Chambers is involved in some way….contempt will be the least of your worries.


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