Update: Arraignment Day!

No pics this time


I was asked by the Sheriff’s department to take the pictures down because they have rules!  Media must be credentialed through a lady at the Pantagraph.  Of course the Pantagraph doesn’t consider me real media, so I was never informed of this credentialing process.   A report is being written and sent to the State’s Attorney for possible contempt charges!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I was back in court today, luckily not playing lawyer this time!  I attended the arraignment of the Felony 5.  Cameras are now allowed inside the courtroom, so I’m sure video will be available somewhere.  I took photos:

Yep – they are gone!

Grazar was given a Public Defender, the others hired attorneys.

Each defendant was given a box of evidence gathered in the case:

The next court appearance is November 3rd – Status hearing.  All of the cases are going to be heard by Judge Scott Drazewski.

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19 thoughts on “Update: Arraignment Day!

  1. Wait a minute, they might file contempt charges on you because you put up some pics on a newsblog and you didn’t go to the Pravadagraph and be ok’d through the Politburo?


  2. Felony 5 -Like!

    Pravdagraph is making the Politburo look even more foolish publishing their lies trying to extricate themselves from the fires of their lies and ineptness.


  3. So…..a “media person from Pantagraph” (which is a for-profit business) has “rights” to take photos at a courtroom proceeding, but another “media person from a nearby town” does not have same rights to take the same photos…….seems illogical…..unconstitutional.


  4. Just ask them for the legal basis for doing this. You’ll probably find out there is none and it’s just someone’s dumb rule. That’s what happened to me at County Clerks office earlier in the year.


      1. I wasn’t there so I can’t answer that for you. But common sense would say that in order to photograph a court proceeding, you need permission to do so. It generally is a bad idea to whip out the cell phone or any camera in such a setting without having been granted permission. Even then anyone with permission may still be subject to additional approval to publish photos. Judges can override are their discretion if they believe coverage could interfere with proceedings or affect the right to a fair trail. Putting photos on a blog such as yours where you are calling the defendants the Felony 5, it’s easy to ask to take them down.


    1. Sonny, the link is not for US Courts or more specifically, Illinois Courts, it references Royal Courts so it’s either the U.K., Canada, or Australia or and country in the British Commonwealth. Generally, pictures can’t be taken inside a courtroom unless you have a press pass. Other parts of the building are public access areas and photos are allowed under Supreme Court Rulings.


  5. By the way. The Pantagraph probably didn’t report Diane to the Sherriff’s office. You think the lawyers aren’t aware of Diane? They probably have a paralegal doing research and they saw the photos. Naughty, naughty Diane!


  6. Well, well, well, isn’t it ODD that when a ship starts to sink ALL the RATS leave the boat! . Let’s see.. The Felony 5 are in court, Hales has a brain fart and don’t “remember” any ISP investigation or maybe the Joliet city manager, and Tari takes a siesta.
    How DAMN funny is that?? REALLY! Who next? Mayor pro tem. Diana (OH but she hasn’t been on the council that long) Mr Black? Johnee. What a gang of, well, you add your OWN names…
    I say they should ALL be on a Post Office poster!


  7. Kevin—Thank you for pointing out the link. Yes I am aware of who can and who cannot take photos in a courtroom. Diane has to be careful. Probably won’t go to jail for it but I don’t think she needs the fines or the mark on her record. You never know with certain judges.


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