What REAL Journalism looks like

By:  Diane Benjamin

Real journalism isn’t dead yet!  The Joliet Herald News just proved it with this story:  http://www.theherald-news.com/lists/2017/09/29/da82d31d3ccc4697970889c2a58349a5/index.xml?page=1

This paper isn’t done writing because my interview is not in this story!

See this story for context if you missed it this morning:  https://blnnews.com/2017/09/29/hales-if-a-perfect-fit-for-joliet/

Some tasty bits:

“That’s the guy you want,” Regis said. “If somebody commits crimes on your watch and gets caught, that’s a good thing. … I don’t understand why this is a knock on Hales at all. This is a major plus.”

The press release also doesn’t say which officials in Bloomington were stunned. Maybe it was the mayor of Bloomington. He just came back from a leave of absence, according to the Central Illinois television station WMBD.

“Weeks before announcing his leave, allegations were made against (Mayor Tari) Renner of misuse of a city card,” WMBD reported. “Illinois State Police are looking into claims Renner used a city credit card to buy an economy class plane ticket for his girlfriend, Margot Ehlich, to a city sponsored trip to attend a sister cities celebration in Japan.”

He sounds reliable. But it could have been another Bloomington official. Maybe Bloomington Alderman Karen Schmidt, who had nice things to say about Hales just a few days ago.

Read the whole story!

It was written by a journalist unafraid to take on government – something Bloomington-Normal is very lacking!

I hope part 2 is soon!

7 thoughts on “What REAL Journalism looks like

  1. Actually, IF a guy commits a crime on your watch and gets caught. It ALL depends on WHO you’re working with!
    The Government, yeah, that MAY be good
    The MAFIA well, you may be a dead Pizano! Kapiche!
    What’s the difference??


  2. When honest journalism comes forward, dishonest government will always attempt to discredit. That’s what crooks do. Nothing new here. Listen up Joliet!


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