What REAL Journalism looks like

By:  Diane Benjamin

Real journalism isn’t dead yet!  The Joliet Herald News just proved it with this story:  http://www.theherald-news.com/lists/2017/09/29/da82d31d3ccc4697970889c2a58349a5/index.xml?page=1

This paper isn’t done writing because my interview is not in this story!

See this story for context if you missed it this morning:  https://blnnews.com/2017/09/29/hales-if-a-perfect-fit-for-joliet/

Some tasty bits:

“That’s the guy you want,” Regis said. “If somebody commits crimes on your watch and gets caught, that’s a good thing. … I don’t understand why this is a knock on Hales at all. This is a major plus.”

The press release also doesn’t say which officials in Bloomington were stunned. Maybe it was the mayor of Bloomington. He just came back from a leave of absence, according to the Central Illinois television station WMBD.

“Weeks before announcing his leave, allegations were made against (Mayor Tari) Renner of misuse of a city card,” WMBD reported. “Illinois State Police are looking into claims Renner used a city credit card to buy an economy class plane ticket for his girlfriend, Margot Ehlich, to a city sponsored trip to attend a sister cities celebration in Japan.”

He sounds reliable. But it could have been another Bloomington official. Maybe Bloomington Alderman Karen Schmidt, who had nice things to say about Hales just a few days ago.

Read the whole story!

It was written by a journalist unafraid to take on government – something Bloomington-Normal is very lacking!

I hope part 2 is soon!



  1. The journalist looks like a guy who will stand his ground. Check out his photo at the end of the article.


  2. It’s not lacking in Bloomington. It’s just not official. We have a good journalist…it is you!


  3. Actually, IF a guy commits a crime on your watch and gets caught. It ALL depends on WHO you’re working with!
    The Government, yeah, that MAY be good
    The MAFIA well, you may be a dead Pizano! Kapiche!
    What’s the difference??


  4. Has the Pantagraph reported about brewing controversy in Joliet ove the hiring of David Hales?


  5. When honest journalism comes forward, dishonest government will always attempt to discredit. That’s what crooks do. Nothing new here. Listen up Joliet!


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