Hales if a perfect fit for Joliet!

By:  Diane Benjamin

I didn’t think it was possible to find people with even less desire to serve the people they are supposed to represent than the local propagandists.  But, they do exist – in Joliet.

Speaking with no facts is acceptable operating procedure.

Believing every word uttered by people playing CYA is required.  Then, spewing the ill-constructed dogma keeps the esteem of the CYAers.

Want to know why the local media never reports the truth?

Want to know why the local media prefers parroting our “dear leaders” talking points?

The Joliet Herald News was attacked in a Press Release by the City of Joliet yesterday for reporting this story:   Joliets New City Manager Leaves Behind Brewing Financial Scandal

Joliet Mayor Bob O’Dekirk claims he got documents from Bloomington that proved Hales propelled the investigation.  He also claims City of Bloomington elected officials are “dismayed that a Joliet newspaper is turning this all around, and they don’t understand how he’s being turned into a bad guy.”

Source:  https://patch.com/illinois/joliet/herald-news-blasted-city-joliet-shoddy-journalism

It doesn’t say who those elected officials are.

Since FACTS don’t matter, the City of Joliet clueless are rewriting history, making up their own facts, and/or failing the citizens just like the Bloomington officials do.

Can the Joliet Mayor explain how David Hales propelled the investigation more than SEVEN years after the indictments claim the pocketing of taxpayer money began?  The indictments list dates back as far as 2007.  Hales became city Manager in 2009.  I started exposing the Coliseum shenanigans in 2013.

Mayor Bob O’Dekirk obviously didn’t investigate Hales and now is attempting to keep his twisted halo.

Yesterday I did an interview with the same paper.  They have a copy of my original FOIA request and lawsuit.

Unlike the media here, the Herald may actually report the truth.  I can’t wait for the next Press Release from the City of Joliet.

Link to the Herald News story about the press release:  http://www.theherald-news.com/2017/09/28/city-stands-by-new-manager-blames-newspaper-for-reporting-scandal/anzlicn/

What is Joliet giving Hales?  https://patch.com/illinois/joliet/joliets-new-city-manager-gets-30k-more-predecessor

The elected officials in Bloomington who distorted the truth should resign today.  Integrity is required for public service, they don’t have any.


14 thoughts on “Hales if a perfect fit for Joliet!

  1. “those down in Bloomington were stunned that a local newspaper reported on the scandal brewing during Hales’ watch.”

    Yea, I’m sure they were stunned since Pravdagraph hasn’t and won’t. Their editorial yesterday was the lamest thing I’ve ever read.


      1. “The first inkling that something was amiss occurred a year ago as the city was closing the books on CIAM’s operations. It was then officials found “red flags” and starting taking a “deep dive” into the facility’s finances. The city eventually called in state police, which conducted an 18-month investigation, culminating in this week’s indictments.”

        I think the News-Gazette missed the FACT that if it hadn’t been for Diane’s investigations and FOI requests the citizens would still be getting robbed.


  2. This, is just sickening, and Hales is just sickening, in a just world, a decent world, he would be stocking shelves someplace for $12.00 an hour, (after he got out of prison) and yes I mean that – they would have to keep an eye on him though because he might pilfer stock now and then.


  3. Well, I gotta give the Joliet Herald credit. Sounds like they AT LEAST report the news rather then the crap the spinagraph spews out!


    1. Yes, but they must endure the threats of public officials who lie and try to discredit them. The second article looks to me like the paper is defending the press release from Joliet city officials instead of the reporter who broke the original story. Looks like Joliet is no different than Bloomington. Hales will fit right in.


  4. Having more than one local newspaper helps with sorting out the truth. The City of Joliet and the City of Bloomington are missing the point. Hales may not have been indicted yet but he CERTAINLY didn’t perform his job duties while here. Joliet hired an incompetent, indifferent or lazy individual as City Manager for the next three years.


  5. dems in charge are good at covering up mistakes , ignoring facts , dodging fact attacks , and milking a system till it bleeds .. sure they are acting like it was a big surprise and no one had any inkling and they were the watchdogs they should of been from the very onset.. but the humor is at least he’s their problem now till any subpoenas start ..lol ..this is how the dems run .. sad but conservatism , running wthin a budget , safeguarding investment and running a tight ship are not their focal point . they lean toward debit spending , robbing peter to pay pal , favors and perks , and fleecing taxes ..sad but there’s hope still the council may wake up ..i’m not saying all dems in charge are bad , but they tend to be …chuckle ..


    1. Trust me, they NEVER have ANY idea what is going on right under their noses. They also always want to know WHERE YOU got your information or HOW ANYONE could possibly think______ (fill in the blank) even when the evidence is right there if one only looks and listens. I truly think many of them are just too busy rewriting their CVs, having business “lunches”, and planning their new projects or “challenges” to pay any attention to what is actually happening.


  6. I knew David would get those scoundrels! It took him a while but he busted those crooks that were keeping our Coliseum in the red. David is a real hero! Sure going to miss him and Kathy they were so nice. I hope Joliet appreciates him as their new City Manager! 🙂


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