Remember When . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember when Tari had to have a hotel downtown to “benefit the Coliseum”?

Remember when he said over and over developers were lining up to get projects started downtown?

Today Tari’s Downtown Task Force has the brilliant idea of moving the library and creating a bus transfer station.

Neither will be private investments.

Neither will bring money downtown – the library is free and nobody who rides the bus owns a Mercedes.

Put the pieces together.

Why is their catalyst project a library and transfer station?

Could it be because NOBODY wants to put their money downtown?

Jeff Giebelhausen utters big plans occasionally, but in the past he wanted your money to fund his profits.  He mentioned developing the Front and Center building into a hotel without taxpayer money months ago, if it was really happening Tari would be all over it.  David Bentley still hasn’t finished the CII East building

Alderman Bray thinks the catalyst project should be another ice rink.  She mentioned the Pepsi Ice Center makes money.  They do make a little, but NOTHING close to paying for another building.  Unit 5 is expecting enrollment to decrease in the future.  I don’t know if that means the population is aging and little ones aren’t being created as fast as they used to be, or if Unit 5 recognizes people are leaving.  Either doesn’t bode well for a new rink.  Besides, the Coliseum is a rink the Pepsi Ice Center pays to rent!  Fire VenuWorks since they manage the BCPA now, quit doing shows and anything not needing ice.

Problem solved!

Wasn’t the Coliseum a catalyst project in the first place?

Wasn’t the BCPA a catalyst project?

Wasn’t the Visitor’s Center in the History Museum a catalyst project?

How many Failures are the citizens going to tolerate?

I wonder if Grossinger Motors is regretting their decision to put their name on Felony Central?







12 thoughts on “Remember When . . .

  1. Problem solved! One would think huh?
    Wasn’t the Coliseum a catalyst project in the first place? Most definitely!
    Wasn’t the BCPA a catalyst project? – For sure, you KNOW it was
    Wasn’t the Visitor’s Center in the History Museum a catalyst project? Of COURSE


  2. I’m sure Grossinger regrets their contract. How is Venue Works going to manage both entertainment venues when they are and will be having trouble with the arena?


  3. Iv’e got it! All the people who who are coming to stay in the new hotel can ride mass transit to the new library or the BCPA. Wait… I forgot, no one is going to stay in the new hotel because the library and bus terminal replace all the downtown parking. The new hotel taxes, which I am sure Renner is planning, are going to make it too expensive to stay in Bloomington, anyway. The visitors could book into one of uptown Normal’s hotels… they are nearly empty except on graduation weekend. Then they can bike to Bloomington’s new library on one of Mayor Koos’ traffic choking bike lanes.


  4. 1. isn’t there some organization of businesses that the city pays a bulk of fees toward promoting any there and for facts on how wonderful and commercialy productive l the area is , great parking …etc . .2 point taken that if it were a desired area , there’d be shoe stores and stuff , boutiques , book stores , etc lined up and down ,, but they only want high dollar venues and /or things under public control , and stuff that will feather friends nest such as those bike lanes and f and w studies and legal paperwork for squat .. they ignore facts and waste time and money that could of went to needs and not dreams , instead of looking at ways to make a better parking lot ,, and ways to redo the current library where its at , just remodel and add ,, they put put along singing their song and figure we’re nonessential in the mix of their goo … well , I for one am tired of it and just might run myself in the next election .. I didn’t vote for Terry , and never will and think the city manager was lacking in several things . and if change is not foreseeable , I may leave this city . I love this city and its finre folk , but this tom foolery is expensive and detrimental to most of us . my 2 cents and view .


  5. I do recall that getting bars into Downtown Bloomington was supposed to be GOOD for the area! Lets recall who LET all those bars in…..Bloomington City Council/Liqueur Commission


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