County: Sorensen email

By:  Diane Benjamin

An acquaintance sent an email to a large number of people, former McLean County Board Chairman Matt Sorensen’s email address  was inadvertently included.  The email didn’t “bounce” even though it was sent after he quit the Board.

I filed this FOIA request:

All emails to and from Matt Sorensen’s County email address(s) beginning 1/1/16 through 3/23/2016

I received tons of emails, some with the content – most WITHOUT.

I did not received the ONE I know was sent during this time period.  I wonder what others they are hiding?

Matt quit the County Board on January 12th.

Bill Brady still hadn’t figured out he quit in March.

Ditto League of Women Voters

GreenTop Grocery had him on their fundraising list.

The County still had Matt on mass emails to employees.

Matt was on the ReBoot Illinois email list – a GREAT place for news nobody around here reports.

The YWCA has a Human trafficking task force.  Does McLean County have a problem we don’t know about?

I only saw one email Matt SENT during this time:

matt1This is the attachment:  response_1012

It’s dated last September.  It’s a recap of how the mental health money is going to be spent.  For 50% it looks like there was no real plan.

“Venture funding” is mentioned.  In other words, they will see if something they try works.

One more note:

If government ran like the private sector Matt’s email address would have been shut down the day he turned in his resignation.  It isn’t, so it wasn’t.

The County gave me this message when I asked about their email policy and terminated employees:

emailacctNote the first line:  “Any written policies . . .”

There is NOTHING in writing on that site.  So, what they really meant to say is “If we had a policy . . . ”







3 thoughts on “County: Sorensen email

  1. Interesting letter to Alderwoman Schmidt sent two weeks prior to the Council’s vote to raise the sales tax. I do remember her asking a similar question during the Council discussion. If Alderwoman Schmidt and the rest of the Council had been paying attention to the County’s presentation in May regarding the expansion of the jail, they would have had the answer to her question. The Mental Health Action Plan is in a nebulous form so it is no wonder that $$ is being used for “venture funding.” Basically he is saying there are no specific plans for the use of 50% of the revenue provided by the cities.


  2. Or possibly money to hide in a mattress IF it was say, untraced! Not that anyone would embezzle it! Seems like ALL these politicos are in bed with each other and planning OUR lives even BEFORE ANY sort of public discussion, vote, etc. wonder WHAT they’ll come up with IF they have to choke up some money the I.D.O.R. overpaid them??


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