Bloomington Buying Awards

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday WEEK reported:

Bloomington awarded certificate in financial reporting

By WEEK Producer

The media must think some group swoops around the country reading financial statements of local governments until they find exceptional examples of good financial reporting – then a certificate of greatness is awarded.


Bloomington bought the award!

Last year the City Auditor – Sikich – was paid:  (See the 2015 Final treasurer’s Report: )

SikSikich makes sure the financial statements fairly represented the financial position of the City and the Coliseum, even though the statements state they aren’t looking for fraud.

But Sikich doesn’t award Certificates of Excellence, so the City went further.

First they had to be members (unless you want to pay a higher fee) of the Government Finance Officers Association:  $595.00



Then an application has to be submitted along with copies of the audited financial statements and the FEE:fee


The FEE appears on the PCard spending from 11/25/15:


I’m sure the City of Bloomington sent out a Press Release extolling the AWARD.  Even though the City has a tab on their website for press releases, there isn’t anything listed for 2016.

Media wasn’t smart enough to smell a setup.  The excellence award was bought for $550.00

See the application here:  GFOACOA_Application

See the website here:





13 thoughts on “Bloomington Buying Awards

  1. Alderperson (for a day) Mudd? I would like to make a motion that this council ceases the fleecing of the taxpayer.
    Alderman Bleak shrieks! Look Mudd, you’re only a fake alderman. You can’t do that! We’ll lose all of our free lunches and party time and various conferences. This is all about furtherming my political career, not the citizens you moron.
    Alderwoman Punter? Earth to Punter.
    Alderman Sagi? Can I get some clarity of this?
    Alderman Frinch? Well I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But I’ll vote yes.
    Alderman Wackamole? Thanks for joining us on the phone. Hello? We lost him. Hello?

  2. This is so sad that’s it’s funny! It’s like funding your own autobiography and then buying them all or such. Maybe they should get a TRANSPARENCY award-OH WAIT, we can’t see that! Kinda like that area between their ears.

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