Nothing worse than lies

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s illustrious Mayor Renner was interviewed on WJBC yesterday.  Hear it here:

Credit goes to Scott Laughlin for calling Renner out on the budget task force sham since all we’ve seen are massive tax and spending proposals ever since.  But, it’s only another $20,000,000.  If the population is still anywhere near 75,000, that’s only almost $300 per person.  According to Renner, his plan to put Bloomington on solid financial footing is right on track!  He fixed it, he just forgot to campaign for office on tax increases.  Renner did mention last year was skipped – so inflation required the increases.  The rest of us have to live within our means, government is entitled to steal more from you.  I wonder what he will do if inflation returns to 10% or more?

Renner claimed the budget task force was heavily conservative.  New Flash Tari:  The Chamber of Commerce isn’t conservative!  They support government spending for the same reason you do – its economic activity.  It’s also anti-capitalism, but we aren’t suppose to notice that.

Tari loves that the City can give more money (because of tax increases) to BN Advantage  – the Joint venture of Normal, McLean County, and Bloomington through the Economic Development Council.  See above concerning the Chamber of Commerce.  The cabal loving government control of local development is alive and well.

The conversation finally got to the Coliseum. Renner repeated the lies about CIAM having first right of refusal.  He ignores the part about complying with the current contract, or the right is nullified.  Numerous contract violations exist, maybe corruption is approved now.  Tari also doesn’t seem to have a problem with a sub-contractor challenging FOIA law in court – costing the City a lot of money.  How much Coliseum money are they spending on legal Tari?  How much have your lawyers cost?  If the contract was terminated, John Butler might sue the City, but he would be spending HIS money instead of the taxpayer’s.  (probably wouldn’t last long-gee, I will testify for the City!)

Tari doesn’t know when the naming rights expire.  That most likely means NEW naming rights haven’t been sold or he would be celebrating private sector investment in downtown.  US Cellular isn’t renewing.  The Pepsi contract is up too.  Negotiations with CIAM are ongoing.  The City is talking to them about concessions, the BCPA, and FOIA requests.  Tari claimed some people were asking for information.  (Insert laugh now)

WJBC knows about my lawsuit – crickets from Colleen and Scott.  Some people are asking Tari?  What else are you covering up Tari?  We are supposed to not see conspiracies surrounding you when the PROOF is RIGHT IN FRONT of US!  Most people would call that LYING from all three of you!  I thought media’s job was to report!  Sorry for the error.

He laughed off the free lunches for Hales, the Council, and him.  That was after he mentioned earlier “there are no free lunches”.

Tari doesn’t believe he is spending your money, it’s all his to do spend where he wants.  If he needs more, he knows where to find it.


6 thoughts on “Nothing worse than lies

  1. One of my BEST (and smartest) professors said some of the TRUEST words I ever heard in college! “Those that know the subject go into the field, those that don’t stay behind and teach”. This exemplifies that.

    1. So, this person didn’t know the subject, then? Why were they such a good professor? By your own logic, they wouldn’t be that smart….

  2. I wish the Mayor’s understanding of inflation was better. Of course what to expect–he is a teacher of Political Science.

    Full Definition of inflation
    1: an act of inflating : a state of being inflated: as
    a : distension
    b : a hypothetical extremely brief period of very rapid expansion of the universe immediately following the big bang
    c : empty pretentiousness : pomposity
    2: a continuing rise in the general price level usually attributed to an increase in the volume of money and credit relative to available goods and services

    Perhaps the inflation being referred to is definition 1c. Actually what is being inflated is the City’s spending rate due to the increased volume of money from the tax and fee increases.

      1. Yes, the Federal government did not increase Social Security benefits which are linked to inflation. The Federal Reserve Bank has kept interest rates near zero to ward off inflation which actually can result in deflation or stagnation– a decreasing or flat economy–what is being experienced currently. I’m not an economics wizard. All one has to do is read the Wall Street Journal to become informed. The City has a subscription. Unfortunately, most people will repeat what someone tells them. Polly want a cracker?

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