Atlanta Library’s Liquor problem

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Atlanta Public Library does not have a liquor license, but that didn’t stop them from buying MANY cases since 2014.  Yes, your tax dollars paid for it since the cost was put on the Library credit card.

In August an investigator from the Illinois Liquor Commission paid them a visit.  The usual suspects (Bill Thomas, Randy Brooks, Rachel Neisler) all admitted the library bought alcohol for events.  Atlanta residents need to read the report:   State Investigative Report

How many CASES did the library buy?  (Obtained by FOIA)

Is this what you pay the Library to do?  Supposedly they gave all this alcohol away!  Is it the job of the Library Board to provide alcohol to whoever they please?

How much did it cost?  We don’t know because receipts are missing, under FOIA more than $1300 was found to be spent.  See that list and the missing items HERE

Amy Wertheim went to the Atlanta City Council meeting and spoke about this issue.  It is up to the Mayor to hold those who acted illegally accountable since he is the Liquor Commissioner.  Think anything will?

See the video of her comments:



4 thoughts on “Atlanta Library’s Liquor problem

  1. Here we go again! Anyone want to take bets that Fast Freddy does anything? If the council members were doing their job they would hold Fast Freddy accountable to do something and something should NOT be giving them a Liquor License. I hear the linger longer parties after board meetings included hard liquor. Why are two married men handing out after a meeting drinking with other married and single women?
    Oh and some of these folks are church going people. Christians so they call themselves. I can’t wait for the Atlanta version of the Brent Kavanaugh hearing when one of them claims sexual harassment when alcohol was consumed!
    It is my opinion the library board needs to resign and so do Rachel and Cathey. My tolerance level for lying, cheating and stealing has been surpassed by this group

    1. I think it is beneath you to insert the innuendo about married men and single women. If they’re buying/consuming alcohol without a license, just say so. You don’t have to try to dirty it up by suggesting something sexual is going on. You’re better than that.

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