Another court date over Mikey

By:  Diane Benjamin

Judge Hill is now done with this case.  Since she is retiring, the case will be handed to a new judge.

Hill cancelled the last warrant for the arrest of Michael Cadena and reissued it.  The last one didn’t state is was extraditable and it didn’t state there were no geographic limits.

It still won’t matter since nobody from the Sheriff’s office is driving out to Massachusetts to pick Michael up on a misdemeanor charge.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Amber’s parents are willing to pay for a private company to do it for them.  Since the warrant isn’t for Mikey, they still won’t be getting him back.

If Michael is retrieved, Judge Hill sentenced him to 6 months in jail.

Micheal Cadena wrote a letter to Judge Hill on September 16th.  Judge Hill claimed she had already heard him testify to most of what’s in the letter, but she is ignoring it because it’s hearsay.  Amber Buck’s lawyer only mentioned one point in the letter.  He claimed Cadena knew he couldn’t leave the state without the court’s permission because of a filing by his then attorney in 2015 pertaining to Amber leaving the state.  Cadena’s current lawyer argued Michael didn’t sign anything in 2015 and he was advised to leave in 2017 by case workers.  He also didn’t receive a response from that same lawyer after he emailed her twice asking about leaving.

Mr Bullington did not object to anything else in the letter.

I received permission to print the letter – see it here:    LETTER to Hill.2018.09.17

Mr. Bullington did mention again that Ms. Buck has been deprived of seeing her child.  He didn’t mention she could have when she was in Massachusetts.  It was her side’s choice not to meet with Mikey’s doctor.

For now at least, Mikey is staying in Massachusetts.  It remains to be seen whether his father will.









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9 thoughts on “Another court date over Mikey

  1. Another example of a pathetically nonfunctional parent trying to gain control of her child, not for the best interests of the child but for her. Look at the records people! This is not a mom who made a mistake in life, but a lost soul who cares for no one but her own wretched needs. Her criminal record speaks for itself. The courts have given her every break plus some and she still can’t get it together. Now she wants custody of her child that appeared to be abused and neglected in her care? Judge Hill needs to retire and take a long rest and review her decisions. Being a judge is unbelieveably difficult, but she wanted the job. Now it appeared she flubbed this case either through poor reading of the materials or, hopefully not this, but being influenced by outside power. I believe Judge Hill is better than that, but… Good luck in the court and child welfare system. Hope a more thoughtful judge is assigned to this case. Where is Judge Witte when we need him? Insensitive comment, but meant as a supreme compliment to him!

  2. It almost makes you wish you had the money to give to the father and say here go to some other country and live your life along with your son. That would make life a whole lot more difficult for his mother. Something about the judicial system with no common sense makes you want to puke. One reason I am for jury nullification.

    1. Something they won’t tell you that you can do, jury nullification. It flies in the face of judges and lawyers and really makes them mad. Courts have been sneaky about not informing juries that they can’t do that.

  3. Good point Marc, but WHAT AMBER BUCK REALLY NEEDS to make HER life difficult is about 20 years to LIFE in the prison quarry for the treatment of HER child and her DRUG OFFENSES, not to mention being a spoiled rotten little piss ant of a child-YES a child. I’m thinking her little boy has a better GRASP of reality then she EVER will, and hence, just throw HER AWAY as there is NO chance of rehabilitation for her. Maybe judge in her retirement will also gain some “common” sense….

  4. So, McClean County would prefer to risk a child’s life and give custody to a meth addict, who abused her children? Let’s face it meth addicts almost never recover. How about judge hill turns over custody of her grandchildren to Amber Buck. Better yet, how about Richard Buck. Something really awful happened in that house growing up for that girl to be such a narcissistic sociopathic drug addict Her brain function is altered from using all those drugs. If I were a judge she wouldn’t have custody of a rabid fox.

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