By:  Diane Benjamin The concussion will be keeping me from writing much for at least a few days. Here’s a couple of things I couldn’t pass up: As of October 26th, Green Top isn’t close to raising $400,000: Yes they have only raised $141,800 of the needed $400,000. _____________________________ The Pantagraph again let a lawyer […]

Video: Mikey on calls with his mom

Judge Hill has not seen these videos and Amber Buck’s lawyer successful kept the court in Massachusetts from seeing them. Amber’s attorney complained in court here that he doesn’t have a copy, he got a copy from Michael’s lawyer at the last hearing. The video is numerous calls between Mikey and his mother.  Her voice […]

Things that don’t need a whole story

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Supreme Court just ruled Danville is responsible for injuries a woman sustained because she tripped on an uneven sidewalk:    https://www.ilnews.org/news/justice/illinois-supreme-court-rules-city-liable-in-trip-and-fall/article_c7227c6e-9ccc-11e8-945c-6725ad9095d1.html If government stuck to essential services, like maintaining sidewalks, they wouldn’t have a problem.  Bloomington has a BIG one. ____________________________________________ WGLT held a forum to discuss local media last week.  […]