By:  Diane Benjamin

History Review:

Obama won the October 2009 Noble Peace Prize.  He had been in office less than 9 months.

During his 8 years (a short list):

  • Russia seized Crimea
  • Russia threatened Ukraine and shot down a passenger plane killing everyone on board
  • North Korea developed long-range missiles
  • China built islands for bases in the Pacific
  • ISIS rampaged across the Middle East
  • Iran continued to fund terrorism, especially after Obama delivered $1.7 billion to them in cash to settle conflicts from the 1970’s

The world became a much more dangerous place because America didn’t believe in “Peace through Strength”.  Our military was degraded on purpose.

Now jump to the 2018 US Conference of Mayors.  They love to pass resolutions, this one unanimously:

Calling on the Administration and Congress to Step Back From the Brink

and Exercise Global Leadership in Preventing Nuclear War

Obviously they thought Obama’s policies were better than Trump’s.  They must think “talking” is all it takes, even after witnessing Obama’s diplomatic failures.  Read all the “Whereas’s and Resolutions”.  These mayors think the whole world just wants peace and all it takes is talk.  Maybe somebody should have held a history class for them.  Decades of appeasing North Korea didn’t work, Trump’s direct confrontation stopped the missile tests.  Peace through strength does work, Trump has been working on not making America pay the entire bill anymore.

Guess who co-sponsored the resolution?


Non-partisan?   Nope, it’s Democrats thinking utopia is possible with diplomacy.  Koos and Renner proved who they are.  Worse – they made it appear BLONO agrees with their weakness.

That brings me to a letter sent by Bloomington Alderman Diana Hauman this weekend.  She sent it to the press and every candidate running in the local election.  See it here:   candidates_nonpartisan_Dec_2018

Diana wants to remind everyone that local elections are supposed to be non-partisan.  They never have been.  It does matter what party candidates align with.  Whether democrat, republican, libertarian or independent – all have different views on the role of government and taxes.

Voters have a right to know the governing philosophy of each candidate.  Since the election is pretend non-partisan, nobody will ask party affiliation at a debate.

Hauman’s letter is nothing more than “Can’t we all get along?”

Talk is cheap.  Currently both Bloomington and Normal think government creates prosperity through taxation.  Voters need to know who supports a strong local economy by getting government out-of-the-way, decreased spending, and lower taxation..

Obviously the opposite isn’t working as proved by business after business closing and sinking property values..

Diana forgot to send it to Tari Renner – king of the local partisans.  He has already announced he will state which candidates he supports.

(like we don’t already know)








13 thoughts on “Non-Partisan?

    1. Yeah they really should discard that Honorable pre-fix, cause they don’t know Tari like we know Tari. Mouthing off and picking on women and all. What a jerk!

      1. The better question that immediately comes to my mind is why aren’t I called, or even thought of as, ‘Honorable Citizen’? The use of this particular term to describe a person who did nothing more than win a vote is really rather offensive. It places those who ‘serve’ us as somehow above us…the ordinary citizen. It is an illusory term in that lends credibility and legitimacy to those who commit what is otherwise an immoral act – theft. Its use by elected officials should be highly discouraged – especially for our little Prince of the Prairie, Triple Taxin’ Tari – who has had his fair share of issues regarding matters of honor; far too many to be thought of as honorable in any way. Back to my point, because we have allowed this to become a part of our lexicon, we have relegated OURSELVES to this subservience to those who have so-called ‘power’ over us, as if it were our proper place. This is wrong. It is not the way citizens should be looking at government – at least not ours. Words are important so conversations like this one are good to have. Thank you for bringing it up.

  1. Yeah, PEACE through strength, Chamberlain believed that also in 1940. Didn’t work out so well..
    Teddy Roosevelt had the BEST take on this ideal! Walk softly and carry a BIG STICK!

  2. I think our Rainbow Mayors should be focused on their respective cities and their declining economies instead of grand standing about world issues and geopolitics which are beyond their ability to understand or effect in any substantial way. Their jobs are here…. it would be nice it they would actually provide the leadership to shepard our area through the coming downsizing of State Farm and higher education. But then both of them have to this day have never acknowledged that our area has a problem? Yes when you have the warning signs of cancer…. it is best to first come to grips that you might have a problem and then go to the doctor to see if you actually do. The warning signs are everywhere…..economic decline in Bloomington/Normal is very hard to ignore. Our Rainbow Mayors seem to be able to deny reality as they spend taxpayer money with reckless abandon, scheme and dream about more publicly financed building projects and travel to this conference or that conference puffed up like old bullfrogs with their self-deluded self-importance. Yes they may be big shots at the mayor’s conference, but to me they are just clueless elites who are operating in jobs way above their abilities and pay grades.

  3. Koos needs to go. I don’t understand how someone with a medical condition like his can feel confident in continuing. The leave of absence he took in April should have been permanent.

  4. Don’t we address all of the local judges as “Your Honor” Do all of them deserve such respect ?
    How about the many appointed officals who “serve the people” ?
    Are they just serving themselves and each other ?

  5. Hauman’s letter is just a resume pad so she can say she did something when she tries to sell her services for her next contracting gig. She NEVER represented her constituents!

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