Fly on the Wall: Emig

Julie Emig will stay on the ballot for Ward 4 Bloomington alderman.  Failure to complete the blanks on petitions isn’t enough reason to kick her off.  The Bloomington Election Commission so ruled.

If elected, she will help spend more than $200,000,000.

Feel secure now?

6 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Emig

  1. I’ll issue a CHALLENGE to Ms Emig, how about SAVING the citizens of Bloomington $200,000,000???
    I’d be MUCH more impressed!! Wouldn’t YOU??


  2. As much as I consider Julie a terrible choice for Bloomington, I think I support this ruling. Whenever the ‘silent majority’ wakes up, our challengers may not be too politically savvy so it will be good to have a precedent that non-material irregularities should not be used to disqualify them from the ballot.
    (And ‘not too politically savvy’ is not a bad thing – better to have somebody doing a mediocre job at doing the right thing than our current crop that is doing very well at doing the wrong things!)


  3. Aren’t we glad Bloomington voters kept the BEC? If for no other reason than to sit back and enjoy Dog and Pony shows like this one and anything else they’re involved with.


  4. So it looks like the thought in Bloomington is: if you aren’t legally completing your requirements but support Renner, you’re ok. If you aren’t in full compliance and don’t support Renner, you will not be seated and he will appoint his guy. Wilson seemed like he would be more like Donna Boelen and stand up to Renner and his cronies and less like Crabill who appears to be a rubber stamp of the Renner agenda.


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