Bloomington’s candidates – the forum

By: Diane Benjamin Ward 1 – Jenna Kearns Since she’s unopposed I don’t see a reason to post her video unless someone REALLY wants to see. Ward 2 – Donna Boelen, also running unopposed Ward 4 – Steve Nalefski. His opponent John Wyatt Danenberger didn’t show up. If he had he would have been asked […]

Finally sort of getting to Bloomington

by: Diane Benjamin Ward 4 Alderman Julie Emig was on sick leave until the end of November. She still wasn’t back Monday night. She hasn’t attended a meeting since September, her Ward has been un-represented for over 2 months. It’s funny to watch the Council continue to conduct business with 8 alderman instead of 9. […]

Fly on the Wall: Emig

Julie Emig will stay on the ballot for Ward 4 Bloomington alderman.¬† Failure to complete the blanks on petitions isn’t enough reason to kick her off.¬† The Bloomington Election Commission so ruled. If elected, she will help spend more than $200,000,000. Feel secure now?

Missing in action!

By:¬† Diane Benjamin In the continuing sage of Aldermen don’t need to attend Council meetings: Amelia Buragas was absent AGAIN last night! Since January 1st, including tonight, 8 meetings have been held.¬† Buragas has missed two.¬† That’s more than a 20% failure to attend rate. How long would you have a job if you were […]

Ward 4 debate – what I heard

By: ¬†Diane Benjamin Yesterday I listened to the re-broadcast of the WGLT/League of Women Voters Ward 4 debate Tuesday night. If you missed previous posts about Ward 4, I have video clips available from their first debate – the one NO media chose to cover: Here’s some of what I heard from […]

More Ward 4 video-Buragas

By: ¬†Diane Benjamin I will be posting videos from other candidates. ¬†The views expressed Tuesday night at the Ward 4 forum by Amelia Buragas need to be heard by Ward 4 residents. ¬†Finding a replacement for Alderwoman Judy Stearns who will fight for the citizens is vital to stop spending and tax increases. ¬†Buragas is […]

Ward 4 Forum-Buragas

By: Diane Benjamin I have video of the entire debate last night between the 5 candidates for Ward 4. ¬†I will post it later. I will also be posting more clips, but I will start with the two below, turn your sound up! First, you need to understand who Amelia Buragas is. -Amelia is a […]

Ward 4 – the Write-In Guy

By: ¬†Diane Benjamin The upcoming City elections are vital to stopping Renner’s agenda of coming up with new ways to steal your money. ¬†Dan Metz is running as a Write-In candidate. ¬†He has the toughest road to moving on to April. ¬†If you like what he says, contact him and offer some help. ¬†I can […]