Fly on the Wall: Ward 4



13 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Ward 4

  1. They call these positions non-partisan but it does not take more than 30 seconds on his candidacy Facebook page to see how partisan he is. I live in ward 4 and Julie Emig has done nothing for our neighborhood. She grounds her axe for personal issues as I suspect Danenberger would do the same.

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  2. All this whispering .. yet no one has the spine to say something out loud ? As a Hard R regular voter – Im sick of our weak stick local party’s reliance on these tactics – If u got something to say – SAY it out and stand behind it if it’s factual.

    If you can’t do that , you should go back to self-pleasuring to your 8×10 nightstand photo of Darren Bailey.


  3. Perchance is this the rumor I’ve been hearing a lot about from some of my more connected conservative friends? With the number of people talking about it, Im surprised it hasnt already gotten out.


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  5. I see the husband part, although I’m guessing the candidate’s actions in that realm aren’t what’s being called out at this time.


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