Correction: What you’ve been waiting for: Danenberger

By: Diane Benjamin

Correction: Early Voting starts February 23. I hate to throw the County Clerk’s office under the bus, but they had it listed wrong. It has been fixed.

Since early voting starts February 1st, the below is what I know so far:

From Danenberger’s LinkedIn page:

This information is important so you have dates. Note Danenberger has worked for State Farm since 2015.

Next see this website that has some pertinent information:

That website belongs to a law firm that specializes in miliary matters, it mentions Court-Martial.

Like I’ve said before, John Wyatt Danenberger did not respond to an email I sent him.

Now see this document:

Jump to page 11. Start reading here:

Danenberger was suppose to represent a woman who accused another military member of rape. That incident happened in 2012. John failed to appear in court to represent her and lied about her committing perjury to cover for himself. Instead of being in court in Germany he took his family on vacation to Spain without permission. He didn’t return to Germany when ordered.

Dates are really hard to nail down. That document is dated May 31, 2017. It pertains to an appeal, not the original trial referenced above.

Danenberger’s character can certainly be questioned. Finding more information on military matters isn’t as easy as checking a website.

Did Danenberger leave the military before he faced any consequences for his actions or after? What does State Farm know?

If you live in Ward 4 you deserve to know the truth about a guy who wants to represent you. You need to read what follows the snippet I posted.

You really should have answered my email John.



24 thoughts on “Correction: What you’ve been waiting for: Danenberger

  1. State Farm, Corporate Council, law profession, all shady. Not that he personally is. But community related indeed shady. They like those folks with those connections on boards. But bad for citizens generally in the short and long run. . $$

    Knowing the backgrounds do help voters.

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    1. SF could care less about your ethics. As long as you make or save them money and protect your supervisor, you’ll climb right up the ladder. Back stabbing your co- workers is also highly encouraged. Sounds like the fellow in question has all the qualities the local Elitist Clique requires for membership. Guaranteed he gets elected.

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  2. Breathtaking. Danenberger is her attorney and he doesn’t show up in court to represent her. He erroneously thinks she lied. He should have faced consequences. No integrity whatsoever.


  3. I am putting this along with a written explanation together and submitting a request for information from the blogger site, “USArmyWTFmoments”. They have a track record for tracking down the truth about low life veterans/soldiers that have anything to hide. If anyone wants, they are on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. A lot of their admins have connections and excellent resources for just this type of situation.

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  4. Mr. Danengerber would fit right in on the Normal Town Council and as a Koos Administration lap dog. Where is State Farm on this matter? State Farm should boot him out just like the Military, before or after his Court Martial and jail time.

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  5. From the appellate transcript Danenberger was granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for his testimony to impeach the female victim. His actions are especially egregious in that his role was to protect and advocate for the victim .

    Also interesting is that his actions would have gone unreported if the appellant had not requested the appellate panel address Danenberger’s actions in its review of the case.

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    1. Yes. Sadly. Plus the poor Private received no benefits of any true defense (the case is sealed by the judge) due to his narcissistic drama, lies, deceit. The bonus is when Danenberger simply pre-convicted her. Assuming that she was guilty based on his own personal experience. He just decided the poor soldier was neither worthy of his precious time and attention or was guilty and deserved jail, plus he needed to spend those “miles” on tickets to Spain, before they expired (never mind the hearing or mandatory training in D.C.).

      The Appellant clearly was aware of and most definitely had previous knowledge of Capt. Danenbergers ethics, integrity and good character.

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      1. “The Appellant clearly was aware of and most definitely had previous knowledge of Capt. Danenbergers ethics, integrity and good character. ” Or lack thereof!

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  6. Why is Danenberger running for a lowly City Council seat when he obviously has all the necessary credentials (United States v. Battles) to run as a Democratic candidate for a legislative seat at either the State or Federal level?

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  7. I believe he achieved the following in his time of service:

    -Afghanistan Campaign Medal with 2 campaign stars
    -Army Commendation Medal
    -National Defense Service Medal
    -Globalism on Terrorism Service Medal
    -Army Services Ribbon
    -NATO Medal
    -Parachutist Badge

    Always more to the story….


  8. Question: What do you have when you’ve got a thousand lawyers chained to the bottom of the sea?
    Answer: A good start!
    Hahaha, that’s an old one but still a good one.

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      1. He’s too egotistical to do that. A man who hides from a sexual assault victim that he is supposed to be defending has zero morals. Danenberger is unfit to be the McLean County dog catcher let alone serve on Bloomington City council.


  9. This candidate seems to have a history of concerns when it comes to his conduct. Hopefully he would address those concerns, under oath and penalty of perjury without immunity. I believe his supporters here would quickly dissipate into the night upon hearing his responses. Even individuals decorated with honors in one facet of their life can still have questionable integrity when it comes to others.

    By his actions, it would concern me as a member of Ward 4 that he would be working for me and my fellow ward citizens and not all about one person – himself.


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