Something else to ask the Ward 4 candidate

By: Diane Benjamin

I would ask him but he didn’t respond to my last email.

I heard a request was made to District 87 for John Wyatt Danenberger’s child (children) to attend Oakland School instead of Washington.

Since Danenberger didn’t answer my last email I saw no reason to ask him. I asked District 87 instead with a FOIA request. If no records existed the FOIA response would have been No Records Exist.

That is not the response I received. They claim it is exempt:

If you see Danenberger ask him why his family is entitled to SCHOOL CHOICE but yours isn’t. Washington isn’t good enough for his kid(s) but it’s good enough for yours? Did you even know you could request a different school?

Maybe State Farm doesn’t pay him enough for private school. 😏 If he’s elected alderman, what other self-dealings does he have waiting?



34 thoughts on “Something else to ask the Ward 4 candidate

  1. Is this seriously all you have on Danenberger?!?Unsubstantiated (and false) rumors about what school his kids go to. Just FYI, kids that live in White Place go to Bent, not Washington or Oakland. Fact check first.

    Secondly, if this is your “big scoop” it’s lamer than the Dems pushing Trump/Russia. You havent shown anything nefarious at all by Danny boy.


      1. Then about time to put up or shut up because seems like you’re just trolling for attention. I just expect better from you.


    1. Easy to ask Danenberger: are you willing to answer questions, under oath with penalty of perjury, regarding decisions you have made which question your integrity? If the answer is yes, question should start to verify statements the candidate has made regarding his integrity.

      Danenbergers actions, not talking about his decision to move his kids’ school, give me reason to be concerned with his integrity and want to hear from him first before ever being able to support him.

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      1. All I am saying is this is kinda like throwing stones from a glass house. We complained for years when the left attacked Barron Trump. I know this is a much smaller scale but still I do not like these antics.


    1. So in the USC admissions scandal, we shouldn’t prosecute anyone because they were doing it for their kids? Or if any candidate was arrested for theft, we should ignore it because it was for their kids?

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  2. Attacking someones kids is low Diane. We are better than this. This is why nobody in the community takes you seriously


  3. Which exact public school building his children go to is an absurd thing to write about. This is the second blog post in recent weeks that uses children for clicks — then is defended/excused by the author saying “well, this post/issue is really about the PARENT(S).” Except now it’s not, though, because now anyone on the internet can know where his children go to school, so they are inherently a part of this! Honestly this is just lame.


  4. I agree with the commenters. This is a low move- even for you and that’s saying something. Sending a FoIA out on this?!?! First, you don’t substantiate your claim here in any way an ethical journalist would. Second, assuming it’s true, who cares? Every parent knows you can petition for this. It is as “school choice” as you can get under the current public school framework and the process is available to all. You haven’t even tied this to anything policy related. Stick to actual issues. This is just gratuitous slander for clicks. Aim higher.


  5. “No parents don’t know they aren’t stuck at their assigned school.” Yeah okay, *IF* that was true, it wouldn’t be the Bloomington Ward 4 candidate’s fault. Also they have a school board over that system. This is a ridiculous crossing of issues. Scratch that — a ridiculous crossing of NON-issues.

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  6. Shows just how detached and out of touch from reality Danenbagger is..

    Everyone knows that Washington is the best Elementary School in Dist. 87.

    Go Wolves. !

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  7. Wow talk about touching some nerves what did I miss? The article I read that Diane wrote talked about school choice why is it that certain people are allowed to ask for and receive school choice when school choice is currently not allowed ? Diane said that the parents requested it not the children so how is it that she is picking on the children? I shed a tear also Diane.

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  8. Diane,

    As a supporter of yours, I’ve always appreciated the digging that you do to hold local governing bodies accountable. My issue with this article is that there are WAY more things for us to worry about.

    Take the “conservative” candidates running for the Unit 5 school board. Did you know that they want to “lower costs through expanding e-learning.” It says so right on their website:

    It infuriates me that after all we’ve been through with this COVID nonsense that the best local Republicans could come up with are candidates that want to…..return to some of the worst socialist ideas that Democrats have. Like seriously?!? Saving money is key, but forcing our kids to stare at screens is NOT the answer. Someone needs to hold those RHINOs accountable. I never want to hear the term e-learning come out of a Unit 5 School Board member’s mouth again. Please find some bandwidth to cover this!!!!!


      1. Diane, you’re missing the boat on this. Kids need their education to be IN PERSON. Saying that you want fewer in-person options and that you favor students taking those same classes by staring at a screen is not a good idea.

        I know I’m certainly not going to stand by and let these Democrat-lite candidates push us even further in a direction against what local PARENTS want. We don’t want e-learning and we sure as hell aren’t going to let our schools go backwards.

        Have a wonderful day Diane.


          1. Nah. I was excited when they announced their campaigns and talked about giving control back to PARENTS. If any of them took the actual time to talk to parents, I guarantee that they’d find we’re universally against that NONSENSE.

            It just doesn’t pass the sniff test, just like with all the COVID regulations. You say it wouldn’t be remote. So you’re saying we’re going to hoard a bunch of students into large lecture halls/auditoriums at their schools, take out their computers, and learn without interacting with one another or a teacher leading discussion. Just more social engineering- no thanks!

            We need to get back to the way learning used to happen. Reading, math, science, social studies, in a class, with a teacher- not more damn screens. Also, we’d just be flushing even more $$$ down the drain to pay for that online curriculum crap that parents would have NO control over. Social engineering at it’s finest.

            It’ s like people saying to “defund the police.” Complete nonsense without any substantive policy. Good luck with that. Really wish we had REAL options for school boards, especially after all the organizing this past year. At least we still have De Haai on there.


            1. @Concerned – I share your concerns. ‘Remote learning’ was terrible mistake. And after the first few months, an even worse purposeful policy. Even the current approach of using it as a replacement for snow days is questionable.
              But reading both sides objectively I think Diane wasn’t clear. E-learning is not necessarily remote. It can be students using technology in the classroom to better allow enhanced or self-paced learning, while maintaining the benefits of both teacher involvement and class social interaction.
              Or perhaps I’m misinterpreting? You do bring up valid concerns but the best place to voice them is with the candidates themselves. Then if they truly are the socialists in Rinos’ clothing you portray, please do let us know, as I wouldn’t want to actively support candidates like that either.
              Until then, our choices are candidates who support, or at least don’t oppose, the current policy prioritizing politics ahead of pupils and paying more for the privilege, or “Diane’s candidates” who at a minimum want to shine a light on that, regardless of whether they intend to stop it altogether or only reduce it.


              1. Appreciate your reply Karl. But for me this an all-or-nothing issue. Kind of like abortion at the state or national issue. If candidates are calling for more e-learning, I WILL cast my vote AGAINST them.

                As to your point. You’re describing e-learning as a supplement to current teachers. Kids already have that. They have laptops for students to use (or as I prefer, to not use) as needed. To spend more on that WITHOUT cutting teachers would INCREASE the budget. These candidates are calling for it as a COST SAVING MEASURE. The only way it saves money is if you combine at least 2 classes of kids into one, and have a single supervisor or teacher direct all of them. No thanks! It saves money- instead of 2 teachers you only need 1- but my kiddos get less attention. Diane is right- it isnt like remote learning- it actually seems worse. At least with remote learning my kids were at home and I could see what was going on. Who knows what type of e-learning curriculum this disteict will pay for.

                No need to talk with them as long as that is on their platform. Not getting my vote and it’s infuriating to see so many “conservatives” shrug their shoulders and go along with it.


                1. Support good candidates, recruit good candidates, become good candidates.
                  If you choose to withhold your vote, I can certainly respect that. If this issue is so important to you that you will reject candidates you seem to 80+% agree with in favor of those you 80+% Disagree with, then then the problem lies with you.
                  Support good candidates, *recruit* good candidates, *become* good candidates

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