Danenberger: City should think Big!

By: Diane Benjamin

Ward 4: You next representative could be elected by a few hundred people. You deserve better – Vote by Mail, Early Vote, or in person April 4th!

If you don’t know what Ward you are in, find out here: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/government/city-council/ward-map

Only Wards 4 and 6 have contested races. DEMOCRACY! 😏

Now read this WGLT article, of course they didn’t ask Danenberger if he was honorably discharged or if he left fast to keep from getting prosecuted: https://blnnews.com/2023/03/02/danenberger-news-blackout/


Your choice is between a State Farm lawyer with a checkered past and a guy who has done infrastructure work.

It gets easier though. Spending other people’s money and facing no consequences for being wrong is why progressives should never hold office.

Progressives built the Coliseum, Danenberger said: “the arena has become an albatross for the city”.

He also states in the article: “the city should think big”. Thinking “BIG” got the albatross, the BCPA, the never used water tower, and the fully outfitted fire station that is now a storage shed. All of these easily total of $100,000,000 progressives have thrown away by “think big”.

This choice is easy: Steve Nalefski.

He only wins if you vote and get your neighbors to vote too.

7 thoughts on “Danenberger: City should think Big!

  1. Is it true that Danenbagger is the lawyer state farmz uses to try wiggle out of paying claims ?

    Or is he the kind that makes sure blame goes to someone else ?

    P&C atty could literally go ether way. He is either the White Knight from White Pl

    -0r –

    he’s the vile Big Ins atty telling a policy holder why their daughter’s amputated arm merits no claim.

    Gotta feeling it’s the latter.


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