Ward 6: Henricks is Danenberger

By: Diane Benjamin

Thanks to WGLT for this story on Ward 6: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2023-03-08/bloomington-ward-6-city-council-candidates-share-visions-for-downtown

They made the choice easy between Jordan Baker and Cody Henricks. Don’t forget democrats threw a fundraiser for Henricks, very non partisan:

If you don’t know what Ward you are in, find out here: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/government/city-council/ward-map

Henricks wants to “radically transform” downtown. That’s the same as Danenberger’s “think big”. https://blnnews.com/2023/03/09/danenberger-city-should-think-big/

Quote from the story: Hendricks said he’d like to see the city contract more with minority-owned businesses.

That statement is fine if a minority-owned business is qualified. Purposely using government to discriminate based on skin color is VILE and likely to get the City sued.

Jenn Carrillo only received 379 votes. Karen Schmidt got 337. Ward 6 needs to do better! Only voting can prevent millions of dollars spent to “radically transform” downtown.

The City of Bloomington deserves better than a clone of Carrillo. So does Ward 6.

2 thoughts on “Ward 6: Henricks is Danenberger

  1. If you really haven’t decided to get over and vote for the baker kid, here are some more. Hendricks NEVER attended a single meeting on the beautification committee he was appointed to. Hendricks ran around claiming Alderwoman Urban endorsed him. She clearly did NOT. I got a letter from her saying she endorsed baker. He is not running a non partisan race, he has the democratic socialist party endorsing him. if you don’t vote, you are handing your ward over to a snake in the grass progressive. your not voting means you really want another carrillo to fail you. He was in cahoots with her trying to BOYCOTT downtown businesses. Want to spend 10 million on downtown? No? try voting and really try to get everyone you know in west side to get out and vote.

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