Normal’s flip-flop

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is a screen shot from the Town of Normal website:

It wasn’t that long ago Normal was against scooters.

Times change, especially when Rivian is thinking of building E-scooters.

Another WGLT story:

Maybe Mayor Bike Shop will start selling them!

Congrats Normal! You too can be Washington DC (excessive crime rate), Portland Oregon (Counties want join Idaho because of Portland progressive policies), or St. Louis (murder capital of the country). See the story, they all have scooters.

Obviously the private sector isn’t allowed to run a test program, only government is allowed to spend your money doing that!

Usurping capitalism isn’t hard to stop. Vote for these three who want to represent citizens instead of rubber-stamping Town staff and their schemes:

Stan Nord, Marc Tiritilli, and Karl Sila

The private sector makes decisions to provide what people want, need, and are willing to pay for.

Progressive government pays for what THEY want with YOUR money and pays no price for being wrong. Only taxpayers suffer.

12 thoughts on “Normal’s flip-flop

  1. Scooters would have to use bike lanes and share with bikers, right? Are bikers ok with this? Not on sidewalks with pedestrians.


  2. Hello!

    I’m confused.

    The WGLT story is from January 31, 2019.

    More than four years ago.

    On Sept. 11, 2019, WGLT ran another story, explaining that the Town wasn’t going forward with a scooter program.

    The story noted: “The Town of Normal is pulling back on a pilot project to allow E-scooters into the community. Talks with Illinois State University and a scooter company began in January, but town planner Mercy Davison said that is now on hold.
    University communities around the country have been targeted by E-scooter companies who see an audience for the motorized vehicles. But Davison said that after looking into the ordinances of other communities in Illinois, the town found that scooters would not be a possibility anytime soon.”

    Are there any recent plans to start a scooter program in Normal?

    I have a call in to Mercy Davison.

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  3. Actually, Rivian has mentioned the possibility of e-bikes, which are different than scooters.
    E-bikes I could live with; encouraging scooters, especially Uptown, – like they were thinking about four years ago – would be a disaster.
    I guess I’ll wait to see if Normal has any proposals before I give much thought to this.
    Rivian needs to focus on building trucks and vans, instead of being distracted by shiny e-bikes.

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    1. Rivian is in a panic. Management continues to leave at an alarming rate, especially in California. Stories are becoming more frequent on EV sights that the product lacks dependability. They are grasping at anything that they hope will sell in the market, anything!!! Normal leadership went all in on a company they thought was a sure deal. It’s quickly turning out to be an embarrassment to political supporters hoping BN and Illinois would become the “green capital” of America. Rest assured. some likely invested personal money in the operation as stock options currently drop in value significantly. Anything to prop the company up and make it appear to be a winner in the long term.


  4. Rivian’s been talking about a “scooterist” concept for awhile. Normal will flip their stance for Rivian.

    “Sources said Scaringe disclosed that a small group of engineers is actively working on the micromobility concept. It is not known if the product will be closer to a motorcycle, scooter, or bicycle.”


  5. How do scooters correlate with higher crime? You could argue cities with high crime have any number of things ( like stoplights, for example) and then argue against the those things.

    Also as a resident of Bloomington I do see the bike lanes in use. It’s much easier to notice when you live in town and use the lanes. I do agree they could be used more.


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