Andy Byars: Not Right For Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Cat Peterson from Cities 92.9 simply asked Andy Byars a question. Here’s what happened next:

Summary of the story:

Lobbyist in Illinois are required to register with Springfield BEFORE lobbying. They are required to take training before being listed as “compliant”.

Cat found the State lobbyist website – it showed Andy Byars was “Not In Compliance”. She sent Andy an email asking him about it. Screenshots of both are in Cat’s story.

Byars next called Cat and threatened her with legal action if she printed what was on the State website. Cat did received a letter from Recall Strategies’s attorney (his employer) accusing Cat of defamation.

Printing facts is now defamation in Byars world!

Byars quickly became compliant. He could have said the Secretary of State had their website wrong and then quickly become compliant without threatening to sue! Byars acted like a child.

What this says about Byars:

  • Laws are immaterial – Byars wasn’t compliant since January 1st
  • Instead of admitting he wasn’t compliant and fixing it Byars attacked the messenger
  • Byars obviously cares more about protecting himself than doing the right thing

Andy Byars boss gave him $6000 to run for the Normal Town Council. What is Jonathon Calloway wanting for his $6000?

Now Calloway has provided Byars with a lawyer to squash the truth.

Andy Byars has proven who he is. He claims to be a Republican, too bad the McLean County GOP disbanded their accountability committee. Byars is just another fake republican.

Byars is desperate to win a seat on the Normal Town Council. The question is why. Lying to win and pretending the press isn’t allowed to ask you tough questions means he isn’t compliant with what citizens expect of their government. Illinois already has enough corruption.

Normal deserves better than Andy Byars. Vote on or before April 4th.

5 thoughts on “Andy Byars: Not Right For Normal

  1. All CROOKED politicians lie. Most notably are the demonrats as 99% of them tow the communist/marxist party line. Yeah just change the “c” to an “n.” So simple. Coincidence? Nah. Most likely divine intervention.

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