Danenberger News blackout

By: Diane Benjamin

When the rest of the local media refuses to report FACTS, they are the real threat to “democracy”.

Cities 92.9 wasn’t afraid to report facts: https://www.cities929.com/2023/03/01/39091/

Evidently the other media thinks character is immaterial to local politics. (speaks volumes about their character)

If you need more proof the Dannenberger is FAR left, see who he listed as references when he applied to be appointed to a committee with the City of Bloomington:

That list is the Who’s Who of far left local politics. Julia instead of Julie? Scott Black conspired with Tari Renner to build a $14,000,000 Water Park that’s only open during the summer and then had the audacity to call it economic development.

These references mean John Wyatt Danenberger is a danger to your wallet. He evidently hangs out with people who believe government is god.

Danenberger is currently on the Planning Commission, funny no minutes of past meetings are on the web page: https://www.bloomingtonil.gov/government/boards-commissions/planning-commission

Did Danenberger show up for meetings? Is that why the minutes are missing? Other Boards and Commissions don’t show minutes either! So much for transparency Bloomington.

See his entire application here:

6 thoughts on “Danenberger News blackout

  1. If he is leftist, he is probably a Cult of Covid member and injected with multiple boosters…. so we just have to wait for him to________. The problem solves itself.


  2. Danenbager lost me at Carlos Robustelli. A reference from one of the biggest carpet bagging phonies ever to grift on Grove St. Hard Pass

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  3. Reads like a leftist progressive marxist democrat dossier. He’ll fit right in. By-the-way, considering all the old historic buildings that Bloomington has torn down over the years, it’s a wonder that Bloomington even has such a commission. These types prefer tearing down and replacing with purposely ugly structures AND make work union projects.

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  4. I’m guessing there are a few colleagues he wouldn’t want speaking to the media. Integrity and trust matters, and Danenberger’s actions (post-military) speak loudly. I would be disappointed in having a representative that I couldn’t have any confidence that he would be a faithful representative of the ward.

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