Unit 5 referendum

By: Diane Benjamin

If Unit 5 has a deficit of $12 million in the Education Fund, why is the referendum going to give them $20 million?

This is the wording on the ballot:

The below is a screenshot of the now deleted Frequently Asked Questions on the Unit 5 website:

There is no guarantee the expiring bonds will not be replaced with other bonds when they expire.

There is a guarantee Unit 5 homeowners will be forking over another $20 million to the district.

The report below was generated using the Custom Report Card Builder on this website: https://www.illinoisreportcard.com/District.aspx?districtId=17064005026

Some excerpts:

PDF page 31. Unit 5 has 644 students where English isn’t their first language. The State has 229,014!

PDF page 34. See the By Grades – how does Unit 5 educate and graduate 89% of students with HIGH Chronic Absenteeism? The state is even worse!

PDF page 37. Teacher’s attend 73.3% of the time? State rate is only 66.1%? Who is teaching?

PDF page 38:

7 thoughts on “Unit 5 referendum

  1. Just another attempted fleece of the taxpayer. The Deceptive wording/lying to people is not surprising. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. VOTE NO! Tell everyone you know who has this referendum on their ballot to vote No! Call, email, or text, family, friends, neighbors between now and April 4.


    1. This is exactly why voters need to stop giving BPD and NPD raises. They do little to stop crime, and always whine to suck up more taxpayer dollars.


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