Gleason wasn’t taking NO for an answer

By: Diane Benjamin

Remember the Bloomington City Council voting down spending $270,000 over 3 years for a lobbyist?

Gleason wants grant money for the downtown streetscape. Does he know grant money is taxpayer money? Does he know the Feds spend more money every year than they take in? $31 Trillion in debt is meaningless when he wants a fancy downtown?

He could be getting grants to fix the roads, but roads are boring. New with your name on a plaque is always better.

I have lots of text messages I received by FOIA. Dee Urban and Tom Crumpler got the hard sell from Gleason, the mayor, and Donna Boelen to change their vote. They eventually complied. Gleason knows Bloomington taxpayers would be outraged at the price tag the new streetscape will have on it. He wants the whole country to pay for it instead.

Quit voting for progressives who hire other progressives. Nice things bankrupt your kids and grandkids.

According to Julie Emig grant money has to be bought, elected representatives can’t be bothered to represent.

Note: If your first instinct is to vote NO, it was right.

All the text messages:

3 thoughts on “Gleason wasn’t taking NO for an answer

  1. We can be certain about few things in life, but when it comes to taxes, local government always want more to feed reckless and poorly managed spending. The great irony, at least in McLean County, is that citizens actually continue to advocate and vote for higher taxes while never insisting on operational accountability. Until that happens, you can be certain that nothing will get fixed or made better, all taxes will go up, good fiscal practices will go down, any measure of transparency will cloud up, and people/business will continue to leave Illinois. For this who remain and love their taxes, take heart in knowing that you and your families will carry the load that remains. Wake up people. Start by voting NO to any new taxes.

    1. It’s because BN has always been the home of the pampered. The population either have easy, no accountability jobs (insurance, government or education) or are on public aid. It’s why the only thing they care about are good times they usually involve drink, sex or both. Voting is a hassle and does not affect their lifestyles.

  2. Mpeabody I could not agree with you more. Exactly why society is in the sad shape that it is in.

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