New Billboard on Veterans Parkway:

Vote for a NEW SCHOOL BOARD instead:

Amee Jada

Dennis Frank

Brad Wurth

Mollie Emery

The billboard was paid for by Angels4Freedom:


10 thoughts on “New Billboard on Veterans Parkway:

  1. Can’t get myself to vote for those candidates. Their solution is for more e-learning and to fire around 200 teachers. No thanks!

    Their ideas seem half-baked and not worthy of being called conservative. No wonder they aren’t showing up at events where they’d have to defend their ideas.


    1. They other candidates want to take my house through taxation. No! Unit 5 gets 61% of my property taxes already (and that is A LOT!). No! Cut administration. Vote No!

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      1. No. Two kids in HS with unit 5. Their education is fine. I worry about indoctrination. Unit 5 gets plenty of money. With decreased enrollment they can work it out without taking it from me and my neighbors.

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  2. Love that billboard!! I hate WOKE indoctrination and sexualization of students, ESPECIALLY on taxpayer money!! It’s unconscionable, despicable, and people that do it should be held accountable……. Accountability by the way is one of the things NOT being taught to our young people!

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  3. Assessed property values have increased in the school district so why are they asking for even more money by raising the tax rate?

    I noticed how their spokesperson mouthpiece on WJBC skirted around that fact. I would be voting “NO
    if I lived in that district.

    People aren’t exactly receiving big pay raises now not to mention the raging inflation Democrats have caused.

    I’m a believer of free education. Here’s a voucher parents and you are free to choose any private education service. Get rid of these public schools! Gone are the Monsanto green softball fields and palaces. Children will finally get an education instead of being groomed.


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