Ward 4 – Drag your neighbors to the polls tomorrow

By:  Diane Benjamin

A reader said there are two polling locations:

  • Centennial Christian Church on Grove St
  • St Luke’s Union church (by State Farm headquarters).

Registered voters either were notified by Becvote.org or they vote where they normally do.  Confused?  Check with them.

Want to send a message to Tari Renner?  Make sure his candidate – Amelia Buragas – doesn’t move on to the April election.

Ward 4 is replacing an Alderman who stood up for them, Judy Stearns.  It is vital that her seat NOT be filled by another potted plant who dines with Renner or Hales in exchange for a vote.

Write-in candidate Dan Metz fits that description.  Ron Schultz does too.  Jeremy Kelly has lots of support, but I don’t know him well enough to determine how he would vote.

Whoever is ultimately elected in April will be held accountable here.  That person has a huge responsibility to represent the citizens, not government.

It’s your job to turn out the vote, the Wesleyan kids will vote.  Do you want them picking your representative?

10-15% turnout means they will.


One thought on “Ward 4 – Drag your neighbors to the polls tomorrow

  1. I told you Buragas was the frontrunner and she is! She won a majority of the vote and is the favorite to win in April


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