Missing in action!

By:  Diane Benjamin

In the continuing sage of Aldermen don’t need to attend Council meetings:

Amelia Buragas was absent AGAIN last night!

Since January 1st, including tonight, 8 meetings have been held.  Buragas has missed two.  That’s more than a 20% failure to attend rate.

How long would you have a job if you were absent more than 20% of the time?

Was she absent so she isn’t on record voting for the HUGE budget increases?

Or, is she absent because the votes are predetermined anyway, so why attend?

Isn’t the public due to the respect of knowing WHY their representative is absent?

Aldermen Sage and Mwilambwe have attended meetings by phone in the past.  Buragas doesn’t own a phone?

If Amelia is too sick or too busy to attend Council meetings, she should immediately resign.  Representing the residents in her Ward is obviously not a priority.




5 thoughts on “Missing in action!

  1. Buragas is involved up to her eyeballs in radical, Left-wing causes. She was probably attending a “Bombmaking For Bernie” workshop. Dropped off the notes she took in Tari’s office this morning.


  2. Maybe she’s “boneing up” on her “Wally 101” courses so she can perfect the fine art of prevarication, pontification and extrapolations just like the guy on the DILBERT cartoons! Wally would be SOOO proud of her.


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