Bloomington’s candidates – the forum

By: Diane Benjamin

Ward 1 – Jenna Kearns Since she’s unopposed I don’t see a reason to post her video unless someone REALLY wants to see.

Ward 2 – Donna Boelen, also running unopposed

Ward 4 – Steve Nalefski. His opponent John Wyatt Danenberger didn’t show up. If he had he would have been asked questions like why he is asking for donations using ActBlue? The race is supposedly non-partisan, ActBlue is how Democrats raise money. He would also have been asked why he told the Pantagraph he hopes to continue the great work of Julie Emig when she voted for every tax increase proposed. Emig supported socialist Jackie Gunderson for mayor, tell you anything?

Ward 6 – Jordan Baker. His opponent Cody Hendricks didn’t show up. He also would have been asked why he is using ActBlue to raise money. He also would have been asked why he deleted lots of entries on his social media accounts. Does he really think nobody has screenshots? Jenn Carrillo buddy Cody?

Ward 8 – Kent Lee is running unopposed. Unless someone REALLY wants to see his video I’m not going to post it.



3 thoughts on “Bloomington’s candidates – the forum

  1. Whaddabout the Andy Byars video ? I wanna see the Andy Byars video .. and the Normal candidates ?

  2. I don’t think it was in her main speech, but Donna made one of the most significant comments of the morning during a ‘What about Covid?’ question. Why was ‘the executive branch’ – the Governor, the mayors, the school administrators, etc. – allowed to abuse their emergency powers for something like 30 Months when the statute that grants those powers clearly states ‘not more than 30 DAYS’? (all-caps added)
    Any candidate for Any office who hasn’t brought that question up at some point doesn’t belong in office because they’re clearly okay with gross abuse of powers.
    ( video of that part of the Q&A is at )

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