Thanks Sonja Reece

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t readers

Sonja was at the candidates forum yesterday. She made clear who her favorite Normal candidates are on her Facebook page, keep in mind she is the Normal City Manager’s mother-in-law and lives in a $4000+ a month subsidized apartment at 1 Uptown Circle. If you had any doubt who Koos wants on the Council, you shouldn’t after reading this. “Forward thinking” also means PROGRESSIVE. These people enact their vision at your expense. That’s how the Town got $100,000,000 in debt, common sense isn’t so common:

This video has all of the candidates responding to a question about the local COVID response. Kathleen can’t help but talk about her kids (she frequently mentions them) and Karyn Smith appointed herself judge and jury for the businesses who stayed open.

Want to hear about my kids? Probably not, somebody tell Kathleen we don’t want to hear about hers either. Ditto Karyn Smith. Being Trustee has to do with representing the whole town since elections are at large, not your children.

3 thoughts on “Thanks Sonja Reece

  1. Sonya is like her daughter in law ,so far to left she’s about to fall off the earth, or is that the other way around?
    Talk about two peas in a pod!
    You all know the phrase the woman behind the throne,Sonya
    Is that exactly! She ran the city of Normal in the past and lo and behold she still does thru Pam.

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