Government Unions

By: Diane Benjamin

Government unions negotiate with friendly politicians over taxpayer’s money putting the public interest at odds with union interests.

Private sector unions negotiate with management, public sector unions negotiate with the people they elect. The voice of taxpayers isn’t part of negotiations unless people representing them are elected.

I ran across this on Facebook, Krystle Able is far far left so she obviously misses all of the above:

How many of those Unit 5 workers live in the district Krystle? Are those government union employees going to work to elect people who represent them or taxpayers. The answer to that one is obvious.

The Unit 5 Education Association contract expires at the end of this school year. Thanks to Krystle Able for telling people who need to be elected. If these 4 are on the Unit 5 Board of Education taxpayers will be represented. Currently the Unit 5 School Board only has one member trying to represent taxpayers: Jeremy DeHaai.

Vote April 4th or before, Unit 5 already increased property taxes but they want more money. Another referendum will be on the April ballot. They are hoping for low voter turnout like local elections in the past. Taxpayers will only be represented if you vote.

Current UFEA contract:

Did you know public sector unions weren’t legal until 1962 when JFK lifted the ban? He did it for political reasons, read about that here:

3 thoughts on “Government Unions

  1. This is a horrible provision for the IL taxpayers, costing probably millions of dollars each year: “If a bargaining unit member gives the Board an irrevocable notice of retirement by May 1st prior to the school year he/she is first eligible to retire under the above criteria, the Board shall pay the bargaining unit member a six percent (6%) retirement incentive, inclusive of any other increase in compensation, for each of his/her remaining years of service, up to a total of three (3) years.”

    Most teachers know to the day when they will retire, so giving them incentive to announce it early really does nothing except add expense. I’m sure UFEA would cry that their benefits are being taken away, but perhaps this would help solve some of the budget gap if we weren’t making these payments out of U5 tax receipts and then burdening TRS with the additional payments.

  2. Those candidates are Pro-Children, Pro-Parent, Pro-Education, and Pro-Taxpayer.
    So the Unit 5 Education Association is, according to Krystle Able, Anti-children? Anti-parent? and Anti-Education?
    Better board member mean better schools. That means more people want to live here. That means higher property values. That means more money. That means higher teacher salaries. Win-win-win for all.
    But Krystle’s goal is ultimately lose-lose-lose for all, so they’re more dependent on government and she or her friends have that much more power. Kids, parents, taxpayers, and even teachers are, to people like her, nothing but acceptable collateral damage.

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