By:  Diane Benjamin History Review: Obama won the October 2009 Noble Peace Prize.  He had been in office less than 9 months. During his 8 years (a short list): Russia seized Crimea Russia threatened Ukraine and shot down a passenger plane killing everyone on board North Korea developed long-range missiles China built islands for bases […]

Local elections CAN’T be non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight there is a mayoral debate at the Doubletree – 7:00pm.  Come early, at least some candidates will be there early. Two candidates won’t be there:  Diana Hauman and Robert Fike Either they aren’t serious candidates or they are afraid to answer questions, the debate is being held by Cities 92.9. Tari […]

Solid Waste – Lost in translation

By:  Diane Benjamin Sick of hearing about Solid Waste funding yet?  The Council has been discussing it since at least 2013!   Don’t worry, it will end soon when fees are raised again. The neighbor wars are going to be great.  Somebody dumps junk in front of your house and you get the bill.  You […]