Local elections CAN’T be non-partisan

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tonight there is a mayoral debate at the Doubletree – 7:00pm.  Come early, at least some candidates will be there early.

Two candidates won’t be there:  Diana Hauman and Robert Fike

Either they aren’t serious candidates or they are afraid to answer questions, the debate is being held by Cities 92.9.

Tari would love it if nobody knew he is a Democrat.  Yesterday he was on WJBC claiming local elections have nothing to do with State and Federal elections because the local people “have to get things done”.

Tari fails to realize it’s the “how” things get done that matters.  Tari demanded much higher spending and vetoed a budget until he got tax increases.  That’s Democrat politics (and pretend Republican).

Listen to the answers tonight.  It will be obvious that Renner has a different philosophy for governing than most people:  Government good, we just need more money.

Tari won’t be able to answer these questions because they violate his agenda:

How much of your money is government entitled to?

What is the role of government?

Does government create prosperity?

Does capitalism matter?

Does subsidizing development violate capitalism?

Is it fair to subsidize one business but not their competitors?

Does government make better decisions than citizens on how money should be spent?

Is Bloomington better because government built the Coliseum?

What does “we have to keep moving forward” mean?

What are you “moving forward” to?

Does government work for people or do people work to pay for government?

Why do City employees have gold-plated healthcare?

Why will City employees still be able to spike their pensions when it’s really easy to prevent?

Why does government define Quality of Life instead of the people paying for it?


Why have many tax increases have been approved while Tari has been mayor?  The Council is FULL of Democrats who never told you who they were because elections are supposedly non-partisan.

Renner is very smooth.  He can almost make you believe his “investments” in Bloomington are bringing great prosperity.

Tari would rather fill an empty building than let the free market fill it.  His way frequently just creates another empty building down the street.

If he gets his subsidized downtown hotel, which hotel is he going to put out of business?  The Chateau?  The Doubletree?

Normal had no problem closing the competition for their subsidized hotels, Tari won’t either.

Listen for Tari to say “Get things done”.

He isn’t talking about the roads.







One thought on “Local elections CAN’T be non-partisan

  1. Do I DARE travel these wretched roads in town to this event?? All just for the “mayor” to tell me that the streets are OK!! But Joni DID get Hershey road speed limit dropped to 30 mph, so now you can bet the police will be on that -meanwhile on the west side, shots will be fired. That’s moving FORWARD!
    AHHH, for the good old days, when the milkman delivered your milk, you met and PAID the paper boy every 2 weeks and the pantagraph had a circulation of 53,000 and we HAD good civic leaders.


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