Message from Koos buddy Dave Shields

By: Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Dave Shields must still be hurting from losing to Stan Nord 2 years ago:

Sorry Dave, but it appears your opinion doesn’t carry a lot of weight.

That doesn’t stop Dave from working for his good buddy Chris Koos however. Does Davie know Town elections are supposedly non-partisan? Sure doesn’t look like it:

Davie must get his news from the far left sites that have been making up news for years. He must hate prosperity too like all good democrats. He also does what all democrats do, put people in boxes and tape them shut. Good little democrats don’t bother with facts and they insist you don’t either. Issues can’t be discussed – sit down and shut up.

FYI Davie: Everyone who doesn’t agree with spending tax dollars irresponsibly is a Republican. The Town of Normal has done it over and over under Koos’ leadership. Even democrats know borrowing money and only paying interest can get you what you want right now but in the long run costs MUCH more.

Another FYI Davie: Stan Nord isn’t a Republican. Being a Republican in Illinois is an exercise in futility since it is heavily inflected with democrats. I know at least one guy running identifies as a libertarian. Because Davie hates fiscal responsibility he labels those who want it Republicans? (hint: lots of them don’t want it either)

Are you saying Davie that local elections aren’t non-partisan? Are the democrats actively working for Koosy candidates?

One more FYI: Dave Shields is listed on the Responsible Cities PAC announcement:

Maybe the citizens aren’t voting party Dave. Maybe they are sick of being talked down to. Maybe they sick of debt, tax and fee increases, and stupid public comment policies which prove Koos doesn’t care what citizens think.

Maybe they are sick of bike man constantly building more bike paths to enrich himself while the roads suck:

There is a long list of why Koos needs tossed, this story just has a few. Didn’t you move out of Normal Dave? Why was that?

April 6th citizens get to decide who should manage Normal. Restoring sanity will be on the ballot. Refer back to the vote from 2 years ago. Citizens were voting for 3 people. Obviously many registered voters didn’t show up.

Do better this time!

8 thoughts on “Message from Koos buddy Dave Shields

  1. Face it, most people know which party a candidate is anyway. I would rather all candidates declare party affiliation even if they don’t have one in order to cut the BS. That way you usually have an idea what they stand for from the start, unless your name is Dan Brady. Anyone that didn’t know people like Koos and Renner were leftists from the beginning weren’t paying attention. No one that is not in Dave Shields’ inner circle cares what he thinks anyway. He needs to go to the Bistro tonight and have a drink.

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  2. What exactly does the term “sedition adjacent” refer to or describe? I LOVE when people try to use big words together to make up some new term that really means absolutely nothing at all. I guess “insurrection” wasn’t fitting good anymore, so we must try to manufacture the newest buzz word or catch phrase for the NPCs to repeat ad nauseum.

    These people are hopeless.

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  3. If they were to be formal parties, here would be my analysis of the political parties in Bloomington-Normal: (1) Establishment Party – tax and spend, top-down we know what’s best for you government, government-led economic development and central planning; (2) Woke SJW Party – usually in support of the Establishment Party principles unless a dog whistle claim of an “ism” can be made; virtue signaling; overly concerned with issues immaterial to average community residents (holidays, historical figures, cash bail) to the detriment of important issues (roads, economic development/growth); use “isms” to explain any disparity of outcome; (3) Everyday Citizen Party – comprised of people that believe the local government ought to live within its means, prioritize taxpayer money and precious resources; opposes insider dealmaking (e.g. tax rebates/breaks for select business, Uptown development); and just want to pay taxes, obey the rule of law and be left alone. Sadly, the first two parties control local politics due to their fundraising and well-coordinated voter turnout efforts, not to mention the local media on their side. It’s difficult to run as an everyday citizen because you don’t promise to give things away to people. Sad.

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  4. Hey Dave, I thought that ‘YOUR almighty leader ole JOE wanted UNITY?? Where’s the love?
    This is about the most business UNFRIENDLY line of statical mayhem I have read since the abacus was invented..
    Does Dave THINK that ALL “unaffiliated” voters are Democrat?
    Comes down to the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB Dave!

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  5. Don’t blame Dave. He was indoctrinated into his line of thinking by his mentor Chris Koos. Koos gave him the sweetheart property deal for his house on Vernon that he just sold. Koos had him on the typical training track to be a Councilperson by appointing him to the Zoning Board. (AJ Zimmerman is on the same track.) Shields is defending Koos and he is bitter because Stan won and he lost. Dave should really be upset with the voters in Normal who overwhelmingly said they did not want him representing them. BTW…Dave moved from Normal. Why is he still trolling in Normal politics?

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