Bloomington: Solid Waste 2.0 tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Committee of the Whole:

Businesses are flocking to low tax states with limited regulations. Proving yet again companies have to be paid to locate in Illinois:

Illinois is perfectly located to successful promote economic development without incentives. Standing in the way is Illinois government and the massive debt and unfunded liabilities. Why locate in an anti-business “right fit” state when other states know businesses hire people and contribute to the economy?

Next – for the second Committee of the Whole meeting in a row:

Two meetings in a row? The presentation will be made available at the meeting?

Hopefully the City wants to privatize service to save money. Tim Gleason came from Decatur where they have private service.

Then, maybe the City is just setting up higher rates. We aren’t allowed to know until the meeting.

4 thoughts on “Bloomington: Solid Waste 2.0 tonight

  1. Sounds like something a birkenstock wearing, old hippy from Boulder, who’s NOW an EXPERT planner would come up with. Especially with the parts of :
    Beautiful, clean city-WHAT happened to parks being for that?
    Green sustainable=tree huggers in the park AKA “Granola mamas”
    Decisions CONSISTENT with plans/policies=WHAT WE SAY GOES!
    Necessary services= CT with more $$$
    City services delivered COST EFFECTIVELY! The plot thickens, and GUESS where this leads.
    Reserves and budget at the end= WE get it in the end.
    End of city economics.. Welcome to YOUR world, as we’ll make it.


  2. Anyone watching the Bloomington City Council meeting tonight?
    LOVE all the perks being discussed (tax abatements, sales tax breaks) for everyone EXCEPT the long-standing businesses who have been supporting the community for decades.
    What good are any new businesses paying zero taxes while killing off all the already-existing businesses — that are STRUGGLING through disgusting and unnecessary edicts with the fake pandemic?
    Sounds like an intentional genocide of existing businesses to bring in “progressive” outfits who will tow the communist line with affirmative action quotas.
    This discussion is gross and inappropriate.


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