Normal playing loose with the law: Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

This item is on the Omnibus Agenda. In case you forgot, those items are routine and don’t need to be discussed unless a Trustee pulls one. Since Stan Nord was elected the Council does pull items, mostly not to object, but more to praise staff for the great job putting it together.

This one needs pulled:

Who creates a contract and identifies goals and objectives later? Town of Normal evidently.

There are BIGGER issues however:

The court commented that, like municipalities, “a township board may not contract to employ persons for terms greater than the period for which the board making the decision has left to serve.”

The current board has 3 months left to serve. It would be illegal to create a contract with Pam that extends past 3 months. They would be tying the hands of the next Council.

Source: bottom of PDF page 12 to top of 13. Keep reading, there is more details in this court ruling.

In case attorney Brian Day weasels on that case, here’s another one:

Colfax. Heard of that city Mr. Day?

“In this case, there are several regulations at play. Section 5/3.1-30-5 of the Illinois Municipal Code provides that a mayor or president may appoint municipal officers, with the advice and consent of the city council or the board of trustees, and that the city board may prescribe that officer’s duties and the powers and his term of office, “but the term of office, except as otherwise expressly provided in this Code, shall not exceed that of the mayor or president of the municipality.” 65 ILCS 5/3.1-30-5.

SHALL not exceed

Looks pretty clear. Voting to extend Pam’s contract past when the next Council takes office would be illegal. Mr. Day?

No, Home Rule doesn’t supersede Illinois code. Bloomington thinks Tim Gleason has a legitimate contract until he wants to retire. The same applies to him.

When the new mayors are sworn in they can void any contracts with either. Neither can do a thing about it.






9 thoughts on “Normal playing loose with the law: Monday

  1. Well well well.
    How utterly, magically coincidental — as pointed out above — that Bloomington’s City Council (proposed by Renner) last week extended Gleason’s contract out to March 31, 2025 (from original termination of July 1, 2024).
    It certainly makes one wonder what scheme(s) these criminals have cooked up against both communities to occur over the next 3-4 years, that would require such “continuity,” and at such astronomical salaries.

  2. Sign the contract and negotiate later? What if Pam does not agree with goals and objectives? This is a sham contract. I but they will all vote for it except for one person.

  3. Who is stupid enough to sign a contract that says the terms would be negotiated later? I guess we will find out Monday who is that stupid.

    The council packet says Koos recommended this contract approved, so Koos has already put his mark in the Stupid column.

  4. Normal always place loose with the law. If only there was some person and system in place to enforce laws…hmmmm. I’m old enough to remember when the branch of justice and legislative branch hadn’t yet devolved into administrative courts…ran by legislatures instead of judges…it’s almost like a pandemic that hurts certain people and favors the elites.

  5. Seems that UP isn’t the ONLY concern in uptown that has “derailments” MAYBE a few council people ought to be “derailed”!

  6. Seems like a plant to get in the way of and otherwise obstruct the next administration. Do we honestly think Reece is going to stop taking orders from the local puppetmasters?

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