Why is Bloomington allowing propaganda?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Creativity Center is still a mystery to most Bloomington taxpayers.  See this story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/02/14/it-a-secret-bcpa-creativity-center/

Taxpayers are funding the salary and benefits for a fundraiser – but you aren’t allowed to know how much money she has raised!  She is raising money for the Friends of the BCPA a 501-3C that doesn’t have any tax returns on-line.



Why do a Story?

The Creativity Center is a government building.  Why is this sign allowed in the window on the Chestnut street side?

blm creativity


That isn’t the only sign – the pictures sent to me are distorted, but I can tell you what they say:

No Human Being is illegal


Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Remember how local government is supposedly non-partisan?

Obviously it isn’t.  The City of Bloomington is allowing public statements on a government building supporting illegal activity and killing babies.

Don’t attempt to claim the next local election is non-partisan.  We have more than enough proof they aren’t.

Who is using the space?  Evidently that’s a secret too.


14 thoughts on “Why is Bloomington allowing propaganda?

    1. It’s not about “party”. Local government buildings should portray at least an illusion of non-partisanship. But I know, I know, anything for “the cause” (I used to be a full blown leftist, dumb as rock and suckered in but THOUGHT I knew it all. I also displayed the same cockiness and arrogance.) I DO know how things work on “the dark side” – oh and that’s not a “racist” statement, it’s a commonly used and non “racist” phrase used to describe something not exactly on the up and up, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with skin color. Your ageism is also showing in referring to Diane as “boomer” hurled as if it was an insult. Have a little respect for your “boomer” elders and learn some history as well so you will understand why your elders deserve some respect – no, they weren’t perfect but they sure accomplished more than anything I have seen yet from some of the “other” younger generations. I actually feel a little sorry for the lot of you, but not all that sorry, you COULD open your eyes and wake up, and “walk away” as many others are doing, oh, and I don’t mean “get woke”.

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  1. If memory serves, this space is or was occupied by BCAI (bcaiarts.org), a non-profit with an interesting and noteworthy roster of partners, including government and quasi-government organizations. (Check out their website.) The founder of the BCAI was also part of the team that created the police civilian review board.

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  2. With all the problems going on in this town. And your worried about a freaking sign in a window? This is the least of Boomington problems….
    2 million dollar deficit in our district 87 budget, gun violence , our infrastructure is caving in around us and yet your worried about a sign in the window. Please, do you even understand or have taken the time to find the meaning of that statement! Get a life, because this is just plain pettiness.


    1. Any sign publicly displayed at a taxpayer supported operation is inappropriate whether it’s Black Lives Matter or anything else. District 87 like most school districts, does not know how to responsibly spend the taxpayer money to they have has documented by overspending at questionable conferences and meetings. Local gun violence is the result of encouraging out-of-towners to relocate here that do not have the discipline or desire to exhibit a lifestyle that is non-violent or willingness to educate themselves so they do not have to support themselves in nefarious ways. The crumbling infrastructure is a result of liberal politicians unconcerned with the matter to give it proper attention but and are more concerned about getting involved in the new legalized drug trade.


      1. “liberal politicians…” Leftist, not Liberal. There’s a BIG difference.
        Liberal is yet another term that gets purposely misused to confuse or prevent useful discourse, like ‘immigrants’, ‘climate change’, ‘assault weapons’, and so many others.


    2. Dear Wendy,

      Here are some examples of other signs that these same people would most likely want to post:

      We believe survivors!
      Impeach Kavanaugh!
      Impeach Trump!
      Yes we are going to take your guns!
      Cancel all College Debt!
      Free housing for all!
      Free money for all!
      A job for everyone!
      $20 Minimum wage today!
      Open borders!
      Abolish ICE!
      Abolish Homeland Security!
      Cut the military budget in half!
      Free Health Care for all!
      Free college for all!
      Get rid of the Electoral College!
      Replace capitalism with socialism!
      Freedom of speech should be limited!
      Take money from the rich and give it to the poor!
      Resister all guns and their owners!
      Only the Green New Deal can save us!

      Do you agree with the above sign slogans?

      So do you agree with the leftist behavior in the following video…. is it something that disturbs you or do you agree with their intolerance?

      Anti-Trump Protesters Verbally Abuse Reporters https://youtu.be/ll1LpDTSRTg

      Yes, Wendy these signs are a problem because they are on city owned property and they are representative of a leftist agenda that is supported by the leadership in BOTH towns.

      Let us all know please why this is not a problem for you?


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