Failure to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local politicians have forgotten:


Likely most didn’t run to serve, they ran to rule.   The people are sick of:

  • excessive taxation
  • handouts to government “friends”
  • rotten roads
  • sole focus on downtowns
  • interference in free markets
  • government pensions and lavish benefits
  • laws being ignored
  • citizens being ignored
  • redistribution of the people’s wealth
  • debt, debt, debt
  • government’s social engineering
  • backroom deals
  • automatic fee increases
  • arrogant leaders
  • huge empty buses
  • lack of representation on transit board
  • predetermined outcomes with pretend listening sessions
  • government planning to build a sports complex
  • government entertainment
  • condescending attitudes of elected officials
  • plans for new libraries when digital is the future (skip the social club experiment)
  • lavish government offices

Obviously that last one doesn’t apply to Bloomington.  Of course it was government who designed the current “trendy building” instead of using a classic style that wouldn’t need to be rebuilt.  The current building will never be declared “historic”.

Feel free to add to the list.

Here is the reason for this story:  (from Facebook)

Koos vent

The Mayor just admitted FREE MARKETS (Capitalism) don’t work.  He thinks government needs to control development or they will be bankrupt.  Meanwhile capitalism has lifted people out of poverty across the globe.  Leaders like Koos hate prosperity for anyone but government approved subsidized entities.

Mayor – Normal is $86,525,000 in debt.  Looks like YOU are bankrupting the citizens!  Government gambling with taxpayer money isn’t growth.  Picking winners and losers for government handouts isn’t growth.  It’s now well known if you locate in Uptown you will get tax dollars even if it puts a similar company out of business.  It’s all about government, no common sense.  Bloomington got the Coliseum, BCPA, and property only bought to keep the “unfit” from buying it.  No growth, no catalysis for development, just debt.

Of course Koos isn’t done spending.  He still wants an underpass and a new library, the current one is on the wrong side of the tracks.  See today’s paper.   Kevin McCarthy, rumored to be running for mayor next, makes it clear he and Koos are twins.

Koos only won by 11 eleven votes in his last election.  His picks for Council were wiped out in the April election.  Did he learn anything?  Rulers never do, they double-down.

Koos doesn’t have a bunch of supporters cheering him in silence.  Here’s one of his supporters who isn’t so supportive anymore:

koos supporter

Former supporters fleeing the camp should wake up the Mayor.  Will he start serving instead of ruling?   (or quit?)

Mayor:  start with changing the Public Comment policy.  If the AG isn’t going to rule, the citizens have other options.  Want to lose in court Mayor?  You don’t look bad enough already?

The case is a no-brainer.


10 thoughts on “Failure to serve

  1. Good solid, well written article. Couldn’t agree more.

    Stick a fork in Koos. The guy’s done! This is not the stuff of a mayor running for another term. I don’t think the guy could get elected to anything. He’s burnt toast and I think he knows it.

  2. Mayor Koos, elected officials should not be publically speculating about private business deals. Comments from elected officials carry more weight than private citizens. You should consider it a wise decision by Council members not to publically share their opinion without facts to support them.
    In case you are not aware, Mr. Koos, you are to serve the citizens. Taxpayers have every right to vocalize their disproval of or concern for spending tax dollars to subsidize businesses. How is their venting on social any different than yours? You, Mr. Koos, do not seem to recognize that US citizens, even elected ones, have the Constitutional right to free speech which includes the right to remain silent. The Town Council are not YOUR servants but rather the servants of the citizens of the Town. Deal with it!!

  3. It’s also important to note that progressive marxist democrat mayors, city councilmen, and staff are put in place for a reason. It has slowly happened here after Mayor Karraker was pushed out. It has happened across the country and is continuing to happen. They get in locally and destroy communities. The get in at the state level and ruin them to. They get in at the federal level and carve out a path of destruction. While at first glance it looks like incompentence, ignorance, and lack of awareness, it’s none of those things. These people know full well what they’re doing. Enormous debt–they want that. Constantly increasing taxes and fees–they want that too. Roads in a Constant state of disrepair–that’s ok too. They are deliberately foisting every bit of this on us with purpose. These are not accidental or coincidental, but all part of the plan.

  4. The old adage of save for a rainy day was a good one . Lately its been spend it like it’s growing on trees and damn the fallout .Most places were happy to have a bit left over and pay the bills and needs . suddenly it’s plan for some future or cast aside the old ways and lets think progressive , all the while increasing debt and not looking at a thing but instead wanting to tie one dream to another , and expect everything to just click and improve and be worth all of the total cost .. Both Mayors have sipped from the progressive fountain and somehow think it’s all good and the stupid citizens , voters and taxpayers are going to have to suck it up and live with their quest cause it is a righteous one and gold . Well , Your behavior and arrogance are showing more and more . . a master plan may have good intent , but intent is not always what is useful , fills a true need , is what is the best choice , or worth the dollars poured into it for it to be . Once a debt reaches a certain point , It then is hard to clear and takes funds away from future things , and also tends to raise taxes . maybe that is the best meaning of progressive .. more debt , more taxes .

    1. Most people do not know the derivation of the word ‘Progressive’ in the political sense. Most people think it comes from ‘progress’ – true, but only in a twisted way. It comes from ‘Progressive’ as it refers to taxation – the opposite of a flat tax rate. As you work harder to get ahead and make something of your life, your tax rate (not just the amount, the percentage) goes higher and higher – i.e. it gets Progressively Worse.
      So when you hear a politician or candidate is ‘Progressive’, remember that’s just short for ‘Progressively Worse’.

  5. I thought both Koos and Renner never read the “silly” comments in the paper so why would either care what their detractors thought? I will always remember Koos making a flippant remark in a gathering about not caring what the taxpayers thought. They were elected by the citizens to act on their behalf and what he, the council and staff wanted is what will happen in Normal. As far as the SF building goes, he shows his ignorance of large business by even thinking that 13 floors of high end apartments in a crappy downtown area can even be filled in this area. He doesn’t even understand local market and economic development realities. Cheaper retirement units would be a better bet if they are all so hooked on building apartment units. The only thing he cares about Rivian is that the company mirrors his Agenda 21 wet dream of helping to eliminate fossil fuels. If he can’t take criticism, constructive or otherwise, he shouldn’t have gotten into politics. Everything he does in Normal is to satisfy ISU leadership and not the average resident of Normal.

  6. Either Koos is a total idiot or a SLOOOW learner, possibly both..
    Let’s not leave flying our little “personal” flags off the list

  7. if free market doesnt work why is Vitesse still in business? Citizens are supposed to voice their opinions at Council meetings? How? Koos tells Stan to sit down and shut up so why would he allow anyone else to speak? Oh wait,he doesnt unless they are just as wacky as he is.

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