Felons not going to Jail?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story from Conservative Review:  Chicago Hellhole Parole Free Bail Jailbreak Violent Gun Felons

The story is mostly about how felons, even convicted of gun violence, end up back on the streets.  Unfortunately, McLean County made the story:

McLean county jail

We know crime decreased for decades due to mandatory sentences.  That trend is being reversed.

I asked State’s Attorney Don Knapp for a comment.  He agreed that prison populations in Illinois are declining.  In order to comment further he said he would have to spend more time reading and looking at facts.


7 thoughts on “Felons not going to Jail?

  1. I’m not surprised from what I’ve witnessed.

    Example: McLean County has a man incarcerated for 1 year no good time currently with no criminal history and his first DUI.

    Another inmate has 2 DUIs, 3 gun charges, and shooting heroine while drunk driving. This man also has a criminal history and he received 30 days.

  2. Aaron Schock a strong republican was just given a deal to avoid jail from his felonious actions as a House member

    Both sides have corruption.

    1. That’s some real bs there Tom. Aaron Shock was not only a rino, Aaron was in it for Aaron and no one else at all. Go back to sleep.

  3. and this is the reason McLean County is going to hell in a handbasket rapidly. These bad guys now know that the odds are good they wont be punished so why not go and do it again and again. As to why Republicans (and i use that word loosely) arent doing or saying anything: Because they are just as bad as their counterparts. In Illinois the only difference Republicans and Democrats is what side of the aisle they sit on,nothing else!

  4. Certain demographic groups commit the majority of crimes. Fact.
    Those demographic group is also the most loyal supporters of the Democratic Party. Also Fact.
    In Illinois (or California, or New York), do you really think the “powers that be” have the SLIGHTEST interest in seeing them punished for their criminal behaviors? Better to victimize decent, honest citizens. Over and over.

    Think about it!

  5. The Class X felony is, short of first degree murder, the most serious felony offense on the books in Illinois. Upon a finding of guilt, the court cannot sentence the defendant to probation. The offense has a mandatory minimum sentence of 6-30 years in the Department of Corrections. However, McLean County follows their own rules! They sentenced McLean county’s “mother of the year” only probation even though she was manufacturing meth in a house where her children had resided! McLean County judicial system is totally corrupt!

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