Proof of the Koos debt

By: Diane Benjamin I could write MANY stories about last night’s Bloomington Council meeting. I might write more, I might not. I didn’t want you to miss this graphic: Every citizen of Normal is in twice as much debt as those who live in Bloomington. That is why the end of the Uptown TIF is […]

Failure to serve

By:  Diane Benjamin The local politicians have forgotten: Likely most didn’t run to serve, they ran to rule.   The people are sick of: excessive taxation handouts to government “friends” rotten roads sole focus on downtowns interference in free markets government pensions and lavish benefits laws being ignored citizens being ignored redistribution of the people’s wealth […]

Corrected: Like Uptown? You will love the debt!

The chart has been corrected.   Normal actually has FIVE loans they are only paying interest on.  Debt payments in FY 2020 total $5,549,176.  Interest is $3,344,176.  TIF revenue will not cover the payments. (This was incredibly difficult to do!) By:  Diane Benjamin The theme for Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting was we LOVE Uptown.  Kathleen […]