Remember the Signs at the Creativity Center?

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story:

Last week I was downtown so I took my own pictures of the signs in the windows on the Chestnut Street side of the GOVERNMENT owned Creativity Center.  Here are the three most offensive and obvious propaganda:

I sent these pics to Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason along with this note:


That was LAST Thursday.

I have not received a response.

Has the City told the family of Corey Cottrell “No human being is illegal”?

Female pre-born babies have no rights, the City is saying murdering them is fine.  “Women’s rights” don’t apply to them.  Did you hear about the abortion doctor who kept thousands of preserved babies?

Why did the police call the coroner to investigate – they aren’t human!  Right? 

Do the Bloomington police know about the Black Lives Matter sign?

Thanks for proving non-partisan does not exist in local government!

It looks like we know why the Creativity Center exists.  Taxpayers are fleeced for the propaganda.







12 thoughts on “Remember the Signs at the Creativity Center?

  1. These signs are in line with the leadership in both towns ideology and values. They are just afraid to post the other signs that express their views:

    We believe survivors!
    Impeach Kavanaugh!
    Impeach Trump!
    Yes we are going to take your guns!
    Cancel all College Debt!
    Free housing for all!
    Free money for all!
    A job for everyone!
    $20 Minimum wage today!
    Open borders!
    Abolish ICE!
    Abolish Homeland Security!
    Cut the military budget in half!
    Free Health Care for all!
    Free college for all!
    Get rid of the Electoral College!
    Replace capitalism with socialism!
    Freedom of speech should be limited!
    Take money from the rich and give it to the poor!
    Resister all guns and their owners!
    Only the Green New Deal can save us!

  2. Since they like posting signs about people’s rights can we donate a second amendment poster and a thin blue line flag? If they refuse to put them up do we have a discrimination issue? Is this place receiving tax money?

    1. Somehow I think supporting 2nd Amendment rights is not going to be acceptable to our leadership or the people currently occupying this facility. Freedom of speech does not apply to everyone anymore. There is acceptable speech and unacceptable speech. I believe that this would fall into the unacceptable speech category and therefore would NOT be allowed.

      “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

  3. Looks like the twin cities make their own Progressive, Leftist rules on what they want to do and if you think about it since they have the majority of the city leadership who’s going to hold them accountable? Certainly the good Muslim buddy of Obama’s Attorney General Kwame Raoul is not going to because he is a part of the same American hating filth! The only answer I can see hopefully voters will wake up and get their heads out of the local sports long enough to see the local political coup that has taken place!

  4. Please realize that when you take your children to the so-called “Creativity Center”, or allow them to go there on a school field trip, you are part of the problem. And the Children’s Discovery Museum is an even more Leftest propaganda laden rattrap.

    Please fight back! These people are the enemy of everything we value. The “Soft Civil War” is ongoing….and they are winning by default.

  5. The average person that sees those signs probably won’t even venture into the building or inquire further. These views represent a radical portion of the left, which is offputting to most people including many Democrats. The Creativity Center is essentially another liberal elitist “quality of life” members-only club like the BCPA. They feel that they have to let everyone know what political viewpoints are welcome so as to screen participants. God forbid you engage in a social activity or talk to someone that might vote differently than you. Diversity of people with the same viewpoints is not diversity at all.

    1. Here is in very stark terms is an example of the kinds of people who displayed these signs and how they are CLOSED to anyone from a different perspective. This is what we are dealing with and up against. Please take the time to watch: Anti-Trump Protesters Verbally Abuse Reporters

  6. So,where are the PRO NRA/PRO GUN SIGNS? Where are the right to life signs? What is good for one group is good for all! I know : Not in this reality it aint.

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