Bloomington Monday night 12/9/19

By:  Diane Benjamin


Does the highlighted name look familiar?

You might have missed the Edgar County Watchdogs version:


The BCPA staff uses this building instead of the the BCPA offices.  No event reports have been posted for the BCPA since my last FOIA.  Citizens have no idea what happens in this building except for the offensive signs that used to be in the windows:

Taxpayers get to throw a half million dollars into this building anyway:

cretivity fleece

creat 2

Bills and Payroll:

Of course more obligatory pension spiking:

slbb 6

Answers about this one should be interesting, if somebody cares to ask:

profdev caterinh

Without a FOIA I can’t be sure, but I bet this is sending the money added to your water bill to cover leaks.  Of course, this company only pays off if your water bill more than doubles.  You can opt-out.

leak pay Nov

Anybody know more information?

This isn’t tax money! A total of $454,550.00 was distributed to many different agencies.  See PDF page 80 and following.











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