Bloomington Fireman #5 gets off

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington firemen just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.  See numbers 1-4 here:

A bigger problem is how infractions are handled at the City.  Last I heard #5 hasn’t been disciplined.  David Hall from the 2&3 article hasn’t either.

Number 5 is Michael Maines.  He was stopped by the ISU Police after driving 50 feet onto a sidewalk.

Here’s where it gets fun:


The legal limit if .08%, but “due to his employment” he wasn’t charged with DUI!

Guess what?  The citizens of Bloomington paying his salary aren’t supposed to know justice isn’t equal!  Obviously government employees aren’t subject to the same laws the rest of us are.  If you blew .09 would you get an Uber?

If you are now mad, how do you think the other firefighters feel?  Some get special treatment, I didn’t get this “tip” because discipline is applied equally in the department!

Equal justice no longer exists anywhere – Fire Chief Mohr was sent the following document.  The incident happened in June and nothing has happened to Maines.

ISU police:  What were you thinking?

I wonder if City Manager Tim Gleason knows?  Keep in mind, we are still working on the police officer who “quit”.

Note the part about a large sum of cash and gambling at Pub II.  No mention of following up on that nugget!

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8 thoughts on “Bloomington Fireman #5 gets off

  1. I wonder if I blew .090, and told them I work at McDonalds, and asked them not to notify my employer, if I would 1) not be arrested 2) be allowed to park where I don’t have a permit to park 3) be allowed to call a taxi or Uber.

    HELL NO!! I would be sitting in jail, my car would have been confiscated, and I would likely be fired for not showing up for work.

    The two police officers, AND the fireman should be fired.

  2. Just remember this guy will continue to drive around free. Free to drive drunk! Any slave of the kingdom would be sitting in jail without his drivers license intact! Good thing he wasnt on duty and driving a fire truck!

  3. So you’re smearing this Bloomington Fireman based on a breathalyzer test? Breathalyzer test are notoriously inaccurate. ““Breath testing, as currently used, is a very inaccurate method for measuring BAC. Even if the breath testing instrument is working perfectly, physiological variables prevent any reasonable accuracy. Breath testing for alcohol using a single test method should not be used for scientific, medical or legal purposes where accuracy is important.” The fact that he was not arrested and the police officer judged him close but not above the legal limit. Since the sole point of your blog is to smear government workers you and your commenters are doing a bang up job. You should be ashamed, but apparently you have no shame.

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