Blm Fireman #4, Veterans/DOD, Route 66 loss

By:  Diane Benjamin

Do some Bloomington Firemen have a problem with respecting the law?  Four in a little over a year:


#2 and #3:

Since two firemen were involved, I’m counting them was 2 and 3.  Only one was charged.

#4 is new.


I redacted the plaintiff’s name.  This happened in Sangamon County.  From the 2018 Total Compensation report for last year:


Don’t forget this story where a fireman was arrested for domestic violence and then the charges were dropped because he wasn’t the aggressor.  The City persecuted him anyway and lost:

What is the City doing to the others?

The Department of Defense has a phone number for Marines in distress to call.  It is supposed to be available 24/7/365.  877-487-6299  Nobody was answering the phone this morning or this afternoon when I tried it.  The White House has their own phone number for veterans in distress.  This phone number is answered:  855-948-2311

The VA has a phone number that is also answered:  800-273-8255

Route 66 evidently stops at Towanda.  On May 4th activities will take place in 13 cities starting in Joliet.  There is no mention of continuing on to Bloomington/Normal.

The brochure included with today’s paper has the wrong website listed.  This is the correct one:

It looks like nobody locally was very serious about getting Route 66 traffic.   Are any events planned like the other cities?

Did Normal waste money on the gas station that won’t be visited May 4th?  Ditto for Bloomington and downtown?


6 thoughts on “Blm Fireman #4, Veterans/DOD, Route 66 loss

  1. The Red Corridor ends in Towanda. There is a White Corridor which passes through Central Illinois and a Blue Corridor from Springfield to St. Louis. The White Corridor is inactive.


  2. The overtime column is of great interest. How many high overtime employees will be retiring in the next
    three or four years. What percentage of high overtime employees are union members ? How many supervisory personnel receive overtime compensation ? It would appear that police and fire departments
    are understaffed which could explain the amount of overtime earned. City officials need to explain these situations. Are the city manager and the council aware of all this. Do they even care ?


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