Update: Blood Alcohol .226 – legal limit is .08

Sources tell me Stork drives City vehicles.

By:  Diane Benjamin

Imagine driving through town at 3:45 in the afternoon.  You are at N Main and West Raab Road when you notice a pickup truck “swerving all over the road”.  You place a call to Metcom.  The truck proceeds down Main, eventually turning left on to West College.  An officer spots the truck, but can’t catch up due to heavy traffic.  Another officer waits on East College, finds the vehicle, and then follows it.  He observes erratic driving, the truck even crosses the center line. The driver has trouble staying in either of the two legal lanes.  The vehicle was finally stopped at Blair Drive.

Now imagine the truck had two occupants, one of them the driver’s young daughter.  The girl got to witness her father in handcuffs after flunking the roadside sobriety test.  At 5:10 pm a breathalyzer registered an alcohol concentration of .226 – almost 3 times the legal limit.  It must have been a miracle an accident didn’t happen and nobody got hurt.

Now imagine the driver is a Bloomington Fireman AND Paramedic.

How many accidents had he responded to in 11 years on the job where driving under the influence seriously injured or killed someone?

This incident happened January 9, 2018.

The driver’s name was:







See the incident report from the Normal Police: Shane Stork – Police Report

He was found guilty:




The union contract between the City of Bloomington and the Fire Department state all employees have a Code of Conduct, it isn’t mentioned until PDF page 43:   http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=19862

I could not locate the Code of Conduct on the City website, but it likely says serious infractions of the law are subject to disciplinary measures.  In this case, my sources indicate Shane Stork received none.  Other personnel have been given at least a day off without pay, others have been issued 5 or more off without pay.

Remember this story?


A different fireman was given 10 days off without pay even though charges were dismissed against him in a domestic violence case  when an investigation determined he wasn’t the aggressor.  That firefighter took his case to arbitration and won, after the City forced taxpayers to pay their legal bills.  The City had to write him a check for 96 hours of pay.

The question is:

Why was one firefighter held accountable for actions that weren’t his fault and the other NOT held accountable for actions that were his fault?

Does equal justice still exist anywhere?

One more note:  The Town of Normal attempted to redact Stork’s blood alcohol level on my original FOIA.  They quickly responded to my email stating that information can not be redacted.

Why did they even try hiding the truth?



16 thoughts on “Update: Blood Alcohol .226 – legal limit is .08

  1. Is Stork the son/nephew/grandson/brother/uncle of someone in a leadership position? Usually, that’s why preferential treatment happens


    1. question: why are you bring this up now? it’s been almost an entire year since the dui, and he’s been working his ass off ever since to make it right. he hasn’t drank at ALL since that day. he loves his job, this community, and his kids. i am his eldest, and i’m telling you that you’re a stupid bitch who loves to mess up people’s lives. that dui destroyed my father, and he’s just recently been able to put the pieces back together. don’t you DARE write about him— OR my TWELVE YEAR OLD SISTER. let it be, and let my father get on with his life.


  2. “Just-us” is what the idea of (justice) has morphed into,,,including the fake social justice warriors.
    Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has been twisted out of contention bowing to Marx and Stalin ideologies and such. It’s a sad time in America.


  3. Regarding the fatal accident at the intersection of Raab/Yuton Rd and Mitsubishi Pkwy, is Mohr or a family member of his family a Carlock fireman ?


      1. Video didn’t prove anything, it was to far away and the owner of the video was a friend of the Mohrs. Why did the 23 year old write a statement after the accident saying he wasn’t paying attention and that he was looking off somewhere. Why did the two women behind her write statements right after the accident saying she had the green light and then later after the accident they changed there story, they were also friends of the Mohr family. Maybe firefighters and their families are immuned to being held responsible?


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