Another Bloomington Firefighter arrested

By:  Diane Benjamin

A Bloomington Fire Fighter was arrested in Woodford County on January 11th.  The information below is available on

The incident involved a second Bloomington Firefighter.  Since he wasn’t arrested I’m not going to use his name.  The incident took place in Kappa according to my sources.  (use your imagination where, there isn’t much in Kappa)  The firefighter arrested is David Hall.  He was charged with domestic battery with physical contact.  (Again use your imagination to know who the victim was)  He was also charged with battery involving physical contact – two class A misdemeanors.  My sources tell me the unnamed firefighter caused the altercation, but what he did wasn’t a crime.  (Any guesses?)

My sources tell me Hall is on administrative leave.






28 thoughts on “Another Bloomington Firefighter arrested

  1. What are the point of these posts running BFD names through the mud? Why don’t you post every single person’s mistakes in the BN area, who has ever had a DUI or Battery charge? Why single the BFD men out? No, I don’t agree with what happened nor am I backing up this FF for the crappy decision he made, but for pete’s sake lady, you really have nothing better to do… I’ll give you a tiny bit of credit, some of your articles have been very insightful, but these ones…. These ones are a bit much. Sounds to me like you have a personal vendetta against BFD. I really wish you could experience the stress these outstanding men work under every single day. These are men who work their asses off & put themselves in danger to save the lives of complete and total strangers, meanwhile, you are sitting back behind a keyboard judging them for whatever happens outside of their job. Lord help you on your judgement day.


      1. Do you know how many people go to Kappa every week? Them going to Kappa is no different than anyone else going there. What is your beef with BFD anyways? You still have yet to answer that question…, why single them out?


      1. Then report every single arrest weekly. Don’t single certain professions out. Makes sense to me?


  2. If there wasn’t this situation you wouldn’t have any clue that they went to Kappa or even went out in general. Can you tell me how many times each Bloomington FF, or any public official/servant for that matter, has been to Kappa? Nope. Because there wasn’t a police report. Welcome to 2019, where going to a strip club is 100% acceptable to a majority of people. Unless you decide to hide behind a keyboard, try to twist the reality, & run people’s name through the mud. If you have the time to investigate this story and every other story you post, you have time to list arrests.


      1. I am in fact not “one of the two”. I am a female myself and was in no way involved or even at the club. It just blows my mind how you are so stuck on dragging the BFD down. And you know what they say about assuming Diane.


    1. “Welcome to 2019, where going to a strip club is 100% acceptable to a majority of people. ”

      Did you enjoy the performance by the Naked Magicians last week?


      1. I wasn’t there last week for that performance. I haven’t been there in a few months, but yes Diane I do know of couples who go together.


      2. Well that’s kind of rude Diane to say you are glad that you don’t know my friends or anyone involved in this situation. 98% of people would say my friends & I are great people. Noone claims to be angels. We are aware that we are far from it but just because our interests may be different than yours doesn’t mean that we are all bad people. One lapse in judgement doesn’t make you a bad person either, because if that was the case, I would be considered a horrible person.

        Wait, so you are also writing this article & passing judgements on these BFD men with no prior knowledge of who they truly are? Weird.


      3. Nobody is making claims of being arrested by mistake or them being set up. He made a choice to react Negatively to the situation he was in. He is dealing with the consequences. My point of this entire conversation is that, on top of dealing with the legal consequences of his actions, him & his family are now having to deal with you and your articles. ONLY BECAUSE HE IS A BLOOMINGTON FIREMAN. I’m just going to say that I sure hope you never do wrong ever in your life. I hope you are an angel if you are passing judgement like this. All of our choices in life have consequences of some sort. If something like this happened to 2 State Farm employees that are married, you wouldn’t bother with it. You wouldn’t even think about putting effort into an article. Bottom line is that you have a personal vendetta against BFD. That’s that. It’s pretty much a witch hunt for you.


  3. The distinction here is this is about a municipal employee paid with our tax dollars. The information posted here by Diane is public information. I do feel our police and fire fighters should be held to a higher standard. I have friends in both professions. I remember when the pantagraph used to do investigative reporting they would report on incidents like this.


  4. This article is about the arrested firefighter, correct? I don’t know the “other party involved”, nor do I know what happened. Like I said before, I was not there. I was not a witness to the incident. I am voicing my opinions based on what your sources have told you and what you are posting here in this article. I think you capitalized on some details that shouldn’t matter, whether it happened at a gentlemen’s club, a bar, the coliseum, or at home, the end result was wrong. I am agreeing with you that wrong is still wrong, but you chose to focus on it taking place at the gentlemen’s club and whatever the assumption you made in which caused the altercation resulting in the arrest. Now let me set the record straight, I do not condone fighting in any way at all, especially when it comes to being in a relationship. Have I ever been in a physical altercation with a person of the opposite sex or even a significant other? Sure have. Unfortunately, I have been in situations of being the aggressor and the victim. So yes, I get that you are trying to give everyone the big picture, but why focus on those details that are not officially confirmed? You even said that you don’t have a police report to fact check. Why publish these kind of hear-say articles without having the 100% facts in front of you? I’m aware that you will post the police report with no redactions because that’s the kind of savage journalist that you are.

    Also, yes I do agree that these people should be held to a higher standard. They are the face of our community. The community needs to trust these people. But also, please take into consideration that they are the ones running to the danger while everyone else is running away from it. They are witness to people’s life in their most vulnerable state. Some of the situations they have to deal with, eats at them and it’s not always easy to vocalize your thoughts and process these situations. Yes, yes, yes… I know that they have many options available to them in regards to debriefing and such, but many times its days, weeks, or even months later when something triggers their brain and those situations that come back to eat at them, which usually ends up creating a wedge between the first responder and their family/friends. It is no different than someone who just lost a loved one grieving and secluding themselves away from their friends/family. So what they do on their own personal time to keep their mind off of work or whatever is no concern to me, but maybe I just understand the first responder life a bit more than the average person?

    Once again, I will reiterate from my initial comment…. “No, I don’t agree with what happened nor am I backing up this FF for the crappy decision he made…” and I will add to it by saying that it doesn’t matter what the situation is or was, this should not have been the end result. Violence is never the key. But why single out him or his profession in general? And who’s to say that they used his money from his municipal job that’s paid for by the tax payers for anything that night? Maybe they used money SHE had saved for a night out? Or money she won on a slot machine? Or money she made selling overflow of household items/clothes? Or money she made selling hand made crafted items? Or money she was gifted? According to your sources, it doesn’t sound like they were doing anything illegal leading up to the altercation, so why focus on where it happened?


    1. Tell your friend(s) to clean up their act. They are giving the entire department a bad reputation. Your comments are too long to respond to because I drifted off half way through. Don’t do stupid things (or unethical) and you won’t make the news. The police report will have more details to confirm what I already know, but what I posted are official public documents that didn’t need to exist.


    2. You agree they should be held to a higher standard but question why SF employees don’t get the same treatment? Hard to follow the logic. I appreciate the news provided here. I may not agree with everything but it’s almost always relevant. I know many people that don’t like this site because stories hit close to home.

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