Normal: Kick Matejka off the Planning Commission!

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal needs to immediately kick Mike Matejka off their Planning Commission:

Matejka is still spreading hate on the Not In Our Town Facebook page:

The entire premise of the story is based on the false narrative of what happen.  Matejka evidently only gets his news from far left-wing media who spew hate.

There is no place in Bloomington-Normal for his lies.  If Normal keeps him on the Planning commission they are complicit!

As of a few minutes ago, two people had commented on Matejka’s story:

Nancy didn’t watch the whole video, she obviously missed the Black Hebrew Israelites and their vile comments to the kids. The second comment shows exactly what Matejka was trying to bring out – pure hate driven by  misinformation.


As long as Mike Matejka has ANY place of prominence in this community he will continue to sow the seeds of discord, misinformation, and hate.

This story has the two-hour video, will  Matejka and his sheep bother learning the facts?  I doubt it.



21 thoughts on “Normal: Kick Matejka off the Planning Commission!

  1. So…….never mind the false accusations…for Kristin Manzi of Chestnut Health Systems (formerly of the YWCA), a MAGA hat and political disagreement should earn you government sponsored violence? Thought that was what ANTIFA was for. Now THAT is “Chillingly true”!

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    1. Why yes… the gloves are off…. MAGA hat is the new Yarmulke. Wearing it in many European countries targets you for violence by the immigrant Muslims who have recently invaded. Wear a MAGA hat at your own peril here in the United States. The left has gone way too far…. What is next? Roaming gangs of leftist thugs pulling people out of houses because they are suspected of supporting the president? This is a road to violence that is not going to end well for the left.


    2. What is really going to be fun…. is when Justice Ginsberg retires. OMG…. can you say liberal heads exploding? This could bring violence to the streets. The left is going to lose their minds completely. I hope that President Trump replaces her with a real conservative. We may have leftists, liberals and Democrats throwing themselves off buildings and bridges, if that happens.


  2. It’s sad that NIOT leadership has strayed from its original mission and has hijacked the group for its own far left political agenda. How do we take back NIOT and return it to the fair minded citizens of our comminity who in the tradition of Martin Luther King Jr judge not on the basis of skin color, but on the content of ones character?


  3. Matejka is a central planner. He uses his position in government to manage the citizenry and find ways to spend the taxpayer credit card on ill-advised government projects with no hope of ROI for his buddies in the union. He’s a perfect fit for Illinois and the Town of Normal and is indicative of what’s wrong with both.

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  4. Matejka is an all around disgusting human being. He speaks softly while planting a knife in the hearts of the poor, the working class, and citizens. There is special place in hell for crooked Mike. and his full time supporter “The Koos’ brothers” who will defend his actions to the end. Mike’s legacy will be one of corruption and oppression of others. Follow the money.


    1. You nailed him Angela, he is that indeed and he has been a darling of the left for a LONG time. They just LOVE people like him.


  5. If it’s fact that Kristin Manzi is indeed employed by Chestnut Health Systems especially if she is a counselor, she should immediately tender her resignation as she has proven with her statement total incompetence of dutifully gathering information available without rushing to judgement on hearsay. This is NOT good hallmarks of someone employed to guide and help others.


  6. A long long time ago,the cities of Bloomington/’Normal used to have morals. But,like the Dodo & Wooley Mammoth,they are extinct !


  7. I’ll be writing an email to the Town Council and to City Manger Reece. I think it’s disgusting that Matejka gets to sit on the planning commission after this. Not sure if my email will do anything, but it might at least get them thinking about it.

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  8. A quote from an article on “Following the left’s shameful knee-jerk reaction to the incident, several Covington Catholic High School families plan to sue media outlets which participated in a mob-rule campaign against the students – which resulted in doxing and death threats, according to PJ Media.”

    Hmmm, does that mean they can sue idiots like Matejka? That would be glorious. Vindication at last!


  9. “Tax Hike” Mike Matejka has cost the citizens of Bloomington millions on the Coliseum folly. He has filled his and his union boys pockets with your money. Just imagine if all those dollars had been used to upgrade Blm’s failing infrastructure.

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