Connect Transit fleece for November and December

By:  Diane Benjamin

Connect Transit didn’t meet in December, so the packet for today’s meeting contains information for November and December.

PDF page 8:

November’s loss:





December loss – PDF page 15





December marks half way through Connect Transit’s fiscal year.  Hear’s what year to date looks like:

Only progressives would love a program that takes $11,000,000 a year from you and throws it to empty buses.  Don’t forget this is happening all over the country!

Meanwhile, local taxpayers get to pay for the roads and curbs the behemoths destroy.

It gets worse because Connect prints ridership numbers that inflate the real numbers.  They count people twice that are forced to change buses.  They are counted twice on the way to wherever they are going and counted twice again on the return trip.  If they ride 5 days a week Connect is reporting double the actual numbers of riders.  Connect Transit can not provide real numbers because they don’t track them!  Instead they produce reports like this:

171,450 people not ride the bus in December, but we have no idea how many really did.  It could be as few as half.

Year to date Connect Transit has lost $5,432,849 and can not accurately say how many people they have transported.  REAL numbers might promote much cheaper ways of transporting so few people.  That’s why you will never see them.

This is your government!  The Constitution was written to limit the size and scope of government.  Obviously progressives have gotten away with redefining the role of government and charging you for doing it.

One more thing:

This morning I heard a northern Illinois Democrat US Representative complain that Illinois gets a lot less of their money back from the Feds than they should.  It goes right over his head that DC is too big, too controlling, and should never be sent money so they can redistribute it as they see fit.

Government MUST be limited because that is the only path to prosperity.  Those days died when politicians learned they could buy votes by redistributing your money.








13 thoughts on “Connect Transit fleece for November and December

  1. More then 5 riders is a FULL bus. I think that’s the top number I’ve seen as of late.. Not to mention ALL the fuel they waste sitting isle, and OTHER peoples cars that get stuck behind them and have to wait while someone disembarks.
    They NEED to just go to smaller buses. It WOULD be a lot better for everyone..

  2. Why in the world do people in Bloomington/Normal put up with the Connect transit system. They are getting over $800,000 a month donated to them from city and state , why would anyone worry about staying in business with all the money they receive? I went by Connect yesterday and God knows how many cars in the parking lot. Connect needs to see where they can reduce costs on routes that have very few using the buses, plus does anyone know why they need all the people employed there. Put cameras in office to see who is not working , it is our money they are getting
    Vote the useless people out of city hall

  3. The arena is located only two blocks from shitty city hall and still no oversight. Examing data on a POS system for about five minutes would show a “wealth” of information. The incompetence seems intentional. It all makes perfect sense to them. The massive transfer of wealth intention is to destroy America. Understand their game plan as We The People must plan anew to survive and defeat them. Like my old man used to say, “They’re all a bunch of crooks.”

  4. Connect Transit exists to employ people to vote for big government under the auspices of serving the working poor and less fortunate with a “green” solution that’s environmentally friendly. Their spending is out of control and despite massive efforts to peddle their services to members of the general public, no one is buying. (I’m sure a booth at this year’s Chamber business showcase is the answer. Right.) It is an utterly impractical and inefficient mode of transportation, especially in an era of ride-sharing (with or without an app), not to mention after-school activities and other individual needs unique to each and every person. Unfortunately, Connect Transit has its tentacles everywhere, including the EDC, BN Advantage, and Bloomington-Normal’s social services and non-profit industrial complex. It won’t die unless funding at the federal-level dries up. Rodney Davis didn’t mess with this apparent third rail of politics pre-election, so I wouldn’t count on a change of plans for Connect Transit.

  5. As I have often pointed out, “mass transit” or “public transportation” is a religion, almost a sacrament to the Left, because of their absolute hatred of the liberty and individual freedom that private cars provide. They despise that you can decide where you go and more importantly, who you will ride with. It’s SO unfair! So they will tax citizens to death, crash local economies and let police/fire protection, sanitation and infrastructure wither to support albatrosses like Connect Transit. It’s just how they operate.

  6. I bet the Pantagraph,WGLT, WJBC or maybe all three will have a story about how great Connect is soon. You know I can’t help but notice they report the exact opposite of reality…

  7. Reading the bird cage liner this morning Disconnect Transit is raising rates and cutting routes AGAIN. The article goes on to say they are in good financial position. Looking at the numbers posted here I would hazard to say this is a LIE!

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