Not In Our Town doesn’t care about truth

By:  Diane Benjamin

Not In Our Town has done nothing to correct the #FakeNews on their Facebook page.  The hateful comments below are still on their page with no apologizes.

Obviously this Facebook page only exists to create dissension.  Videos of what really happened are all over the internet.  On this Martin Luther King day, the guy with the MAGA hat should be praised for emulating what MLK stood for.  He did not fight back, he simply stood his ground when confronted by a radical activists.  That is exactly what MLK instructed his followers to do.

Mike Matejka owes the citizens an apology as do the following people.  I didn’t redact their names on purpose.  You deserve to know who can’t be trusted to promote truth.  Nathan Phillips is the Indian, a well know activists.  He was the obvious aggressor and he targeted the kids on purpose.  The media have changed the narrative and admitted their original stories were wrong.  NIOT hasn’t.  Meanwhile, because of #FakeNews, the kids and school are getting death threats.


6 thoughts on “Not In Our Town doesn’t care about truth

  1. About 40 years ago, when Matekja came to town, he was considered a “snake in the grass”/
    Someone to be watched. Nobody did. Be careful, for he is profoundly vindictive


    1. Yes he is… trust him only as far as you can throw him. And NIOT is complete BS… white liberal elitists who love telling other people how they should think, act and speak. It is a white liberal elitist version of BLM. And yes, they both want to keep telling us white people that our institutionalized racism is keeping people of color from getting jobs and leading them to commit robberies, homicides and general mayhem.


  2. NIOT should start an award called the “Covington Catholic Award” to be given out to someone who shows great restraint in the face of extreme bullying. But than again what happens when NIOT are the bullies.


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