Normal Council Shamed into NOT Raising Property Taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

By a vote of 4-3 the property tax increase was defeated.  The Council voted to fund pensions on a 90% projection instead of 100% by 2040 in hopes changes the State will.make this year ease required contributions.

They also voted to keep the tax rate level after a long discussion.  Kathleen Lorenz first refused to amend her motion but then relented when an amendment to her motion was put forth.

Chris Koos, Kevin McCarthy, and Chemberly Cummings were the NO votes to keep the rate level.  McCarthy exclaimed he refused to kick the can down the road.  He wasn’t interested in cuts elsewhere when raising taxes is easier.

If your assessed value did not increase this year, taxes will be the same as last year or less.

Congrats, citizens won.  Stan Nord led the discussion with a long list of other ways to find revenue.  He also wants Normal to be one of the few cities in Illinois not raising taxes.

12 thoughts on “Normal Council Shamed into NOT Raising Property Taxes

  1. It was beautiful! I don’t think the video will show the 50 shades of red on Koos’ face, McCarthy grinding his teeth, or Cummings voting against the people she is campaigning to serve in Illinois.

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  2. Did Stan say the town is still paying property taxes on the Facilities Mgmt building? If so, that was pointed out months ago. I think you even did a story on it. If Pam has not taken care of that yet, then that is gross negligence on her part. Diane, please verify if that property is still listed as taxable.

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  3. Thank you yet again, Stan!
    Thank you also to all the people who spoke at the public comments, emailed council members, or participated in online polls that showed the tax increase had more than 90% opposition!


  4. Dont worry, Koos will find a way to screw the public you can count on it. Lets see, fire police/firefighters/paramedics. start charging for the privilege to drive on normal streets, let the road/sewer repairs get shelved. I can name quite a few but Koos will make us pay one way or another.


  5. The message to be taken from this. Change can occur. It takes people willing to spend the time to make their voices heard. Do not forget this when it comes time to vote in an election. While you may think you are alone in your beliefs and your vote doesn’t matter you can be surprised (2016….media and Hillary). A silent majority may exist, and it is time for that majority to not be silent any more. Send Koos (if still around), Renner, Cummings the rainbow pony Carrillo and friends back where they belong..,..unelected.

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  6. Does anyone think this would have happened with the former council? There would not have even been a discussion, they would have rubber stamped the increase and moved forward.

    Stan, thanks so much for your efforts, hopefully the impact you are having will inspire others like you to get involved!

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  7. Really wish Bloomington City Council had a Stan Nord or 4 on it. As far as Koos and his bike shop go, Russell’s Cycle World in Washington is a short 40 minute drive away. You’ll get better service and a better price there than in Normal or Bloomington.

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