Anybody see a problem here?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Problem 1

The property the Town of Normal owns at 1217 S. Adelaide still shows as taxable.

See this story, the Town has known since Stan Nord was elected they don’t owe the taxes:

Is it that hard to fix problems?

Problem 2

cummings pledge

These is a screen shot of video taken last night at the Normal Town Council meeting during the Pledge of Allegiance.  Why doesn’t Chemberly Cummings just kneel?  If she doesn’t respect the flag why not stay seated?

All Trustees took this oath:


Since the flag represents the “Republic for which it stands” which means the Constitution that formed it, is Chemberly’s oath meaningless?  Maybe she can explain how she is fit serve in any office.

I wonder if she thinks the 3/5ths clause was to enshrine for history blacks are only 3/5ths a person?  Has she ever been taught what it really means?

I can’t see her lips move at all, see what you think:

12 thoughts on “Anybody see a problem here?

  1. I never thought I would see the day when elected officials are disrespectful of our great nation, its government and its flag. This woman needs to be asked why she is not pledging allegiance to the flag (and our country)?


  2. Doesn’t this ignorant woman realize that many people of color gave their lives for freedom and the flag. How dare she disrespect our city and our country this way. If you are so unhappy with America go someplace else where you can deliver your disrespectful manners.

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    1. I took in college a class on the Civil War. My professor said that this is the scope of the death caused by the civil war: “Every family in the United States had lost at least one member in the Civil War”. So just imagine today a war in which everyone you know and all of your neighbors had lost at least one of their family members? And yes the vast majority of these people were “white” who gave their lives to free the slaves. So I guess their sacrifice for her future life that she enjoys today means nothing to Chemberly Cummings? Shame on Chemberly Cummings for dishonoring the heroes who sacrificed their lives to give her freedom and have kept us all free to this day.

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  3. And whom does Che think she is, an overpaid athlete/entertainer ?
    Look at the politicians. They use our Flag as wallpaper on their podiums.
    Our Flag has become a tool in advertising.
    It is not just disrespect for our Flag, it is disrespect for what it stands for.

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  4. Chemberly is a TREASONOUS COMMIE! She must resign now after defecating on OUR flag! We let the blacks on Normal city council and this is what THEY do. Disgrace! Cummings complains them blacks are 3/5 a citizen in OUR country and she proves it by doing 3/5 of the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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    1. A bit over the top, don’t you think? We didn’t ‘let the blacks on’ the council, she was duly elected, and I don’t recall there being any claims of election fraud. And there are plenty of blacks that aren’t so self-centered and would make good public servants, so the ‘never again’ is completely inappropriate.
      While her behavior is also inappropriate, the disgrace also falls to the voters of Normal who were too apathetic, uninformed, racially guilt-ridden, or driven by virtue signalling and elected her. The voters just need to vote in better candidates in 17 months – not based on their race, or sex, or other superficial characteristics, but based on whether they will act responsibly, put needs ahead of wants, listen to the people, and otherwise work for the best interests of the community,

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  5. She is an open progressive marxist democrat, brought into town to stir up her fellow communists. That “Racial Equity” Meeting she had at Heartland college was straight out of George Soros playbook to infiltrate Local politics. Stay vigilant folks. We have to kick them to the curb and defeat them at the ballot box

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